Should the property be cancelled?Central media 9 word response, the state finally magnifies the move, property good day to the end

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What is “black heart property”?All these phenomena should be taken into account.To be honest, many people spend all they have, risking decades of “mortgage slave” life, and finally buy a house of their own.However, when the owner lives in, the property has really existed, or it is assigned by developers, or the property left down in the early days, there is no option at all, do not want the property is not good., the property are there, but the relationship is very clear, the owner is a master, property is a service company, in accordance with the contract finish your mission also just, with good quality, “” dirty” property “is increasingly common, in addition to the owner the fist, don’t let the owner into the house at random, is easily broken, such as water power threat obviously belong to” “dirty” property “phenomenon,People’s Daily has listed several typical cases under the title of “People’s Daily Exposes property Service Problems”, which I believe many people can relate to.1. Some people in a residential area in Beijing are often trapped in the elevator. On the one hand, the property management does not respond in a timely manner, delaying the rescue, and on the other hand, it is cavalier about the maintenance of the elevator, saying that it is necessary to apply for the maintenance fund, but the owner asks where the process is, but has not been satisfied with the answer.People on the lower floors of the community have to take the walking ladder, while those on the higher floors have to brave the elevator.Projects. 2. Weihai a community service content is clear, such as public facilities in good condition, afforestation maintenance a good road all day cleaning rubbish, community public nissin, stairwells, guardrail, step 4 days, of one glass Windows clean without dust without water marks on a regular basis, and the patrol duty and life order, traffic order maintenance, etc., on the basis of service content for the price.But the owner’s feeling is that more than 10 years only on time to charge property fees, property services did not see, call feedback or no one to pick up, or is perfunctory, in the final analysis, the price of the property listed the related projects, but the quality of service but no one to monitor, at least the property ignore the supervision of the owner.3. The property management of a residential area in Changsha charges actively. Some owners did not pay for more than a month, so they pasted the reminder sheet to the door, and repeatedly fed back things to the property management and inquired about the progress.There are chengde city a residential area 3 years rose 3 times property fees, but involving the interests of the owners of the residential area has been repeatedly blocked, such as residential to connect fiber, but the telecom is not to enter, because the cost of telecom property property is not satisfied with the property.As can be seen from the above cases, these properties are not organizations that safeguard the interests of owners, but black properties that blindly earn “black money”.Should the property be cancelled?Central media officially responded.The mess has also caught the attention of state media, with a monthly talk sponsored by The Xinhua News Agency devoted to various aspects of property development under the headline “Property should not be a Powder Keg for cities.”According to the article, there are 3.58 million records of searching the keyword “property” in Chinese judicial documents. When it comes to the failure of property management, many property owners have a lot of trouble. Even if some property owners are not satisfied with the property management service, they have to pay the property management fee in order to avoid being unable to go home.A lot of net friends said, such a property still keep the New Year?Might as well cancel it altogether!First, we do pay attention to the voices of many property owners who have been canceling their properties in recent years, which represents the voice of many owners.Second, many properties in this wave of “illness” made achievements, should be given affirmation;Third, some property services are really good, so should be treated differently;Fourth, properties should not be completely cancelled until a better alternative service is found.The nine words “it should not be treated with the same brush” are the official response to calls to “cancel” property.Here also interrupt, the mode of community service provided by the Internet, have suggested that community management community, community residents’ committees management or the owners’ autonomy, for now, some village is, indeed, such management, effect is good, but is far from to become a trend, therefore, is still too early to talk about abolish all property, according to the comment of way,The presence of the property was necessary “until a better alternative was found”.However, although the property will not be cancelled temporarily, but the chaos in the property industry can not be observed, and since the second half of last year, the state issued a “increase the order of the real estate market” since the big move, the provinces have taken the property as one of the four major real estate renovation content, in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of owners:In the next 3 years focus on the rectification of property services chaos, means that the good days of property come to an end!There are owners blunt: finally turn over to do the master.Why do you say that?Huang Yan, vice minister of the Ministry of Housing and Construction, said at the press conference, with 8 ministries and commissions to rectify the real estate market order, so that the number of complaints dropped significantly, including property services as one of the four major key renovation, from the content of the document, will be from 5 aspects of action: 1.Failure to provide services in accordance with the content and standards agreed in the property service contract;2. Failed to publicize the standards of property service charges, the operation and income of the common part of the owner, the use of maintenance funds and other relevant information as required;3. Collect fees in excess of the contract or published charging standards;4. Unauthorized use of the owners’ common part to carry out business activities, embezzle or misappropriate the owners’ common part of business income;5. Refuse to withdraw from the property service project without justified reasons after the property service contract is rescinded or terminated according to law.It is not difficult to see that the above remediation content basically covers the main problems existing in the current property industry.For example, property service quality problems, arbitrary charges, misappropriation of public maintenance funds, occupation of owners’ public benefits, unable to drive away the property, etc., are among the targets of rectification.According to Huang Yan, vice minister, through three years to achieve a marked improvement in the real estate order.Current information from public view, in the country after a renovation file, corresponding to the eight departments of provinces and cities, and according to the national general requirements issued specific improvement action, such as suzhou, jiangxi, yunnan, hebei, qinhuangdao and other places have been first file, there is no doubt that 3 years later, we can see that only those services good property can continue to develop,But the premise is legal and compliant operation, and those who occupy the interests of owners and refuse to correct the property, is bound to eliminate the property team.Will bring 3 big changes to the industry in the view of a senior management who has been engaged in the property, the country to the property service as one of the key renovation of the real estate order, indicating that the property disorder has caused great attention from the country, will bring 3 big changes to the industry: 1.The location of the property and owner is clearly defined.Owner is the master of community, the property is the service owners of the community, with sincerity and with quality, according to the property management contract to provide services for the owners of the community, your service is not good, the owner can throw you out, what do you think can’t make money, not cost-effective, you can choose to leave, but said that “no money” on the surface, their’t again, certainly not.The era of property profiteering is over.Property has always been regarded as a sunrise industry, a residential area in a third-tier city for property, attracted 20 property bidding, a glimpse of the property profits can be seen how attractive.In fact, according to the latest data also confirmed this point, in 2020, the national property income reached 1.18 trillion yuan, becoming a veritable “trillion” industry.However, by regulating and standardizing the property industry, the state will clear the illegal and non-compliant income of the property, such as the maintenance fund can not be misused, and the advertising income of public parts will be returned to all owners, and so on. The property will return to a normal industry.3. Survival of the fittest.Whether the property service is good or not is decided by the owner. For example, when a community introduces property enterprises, it will generally be selected from the property brand, service content, property price and other aspects, and finally decided by the owner to vote.Those public praise is bad, the property enterprise that quality price does not accord with will be more and more cannot receive live, can be eliminated ruthlessly only by the market.Of course, for those properties with good reputation, they rely on reputation, property and cost performance to win the “heart” of owners. Until there is no better alternative, they will continue to develop and make due contributions to the comfort of owners and property value preservation.In a word, in the next three years, through the continuous rectification of the property industry by the state, the property industry will be obviously standardized, so that the owners of the community benefit from it and become the real owners of the community.Source: Public account “Zhuan Fangjun”