New Year’s greetings to our youth and friendship

2022-06-13 0 By

On the fourth day of the New Year, several of us got together once again.In a classmate rural old home, to the early busy washing vegetables cut vegetables.Those who come late are responsible for eating well and drinking well, and they leave after lunch until more than ten o ‘clock in the evening.We can’t have a party like this every year, sometimes two years, sometimes three.But it’s also fun.In high school, we used to fantasize about this scenario, when we got a job and a family.When you came to my house, there were flowers growing under the windowsill that I had loved since CHILDHOOD.When I came to your house, you hated me like you used to.Now our high school years, has already passed more than 20 years.All of us have worked in different industries for more than ten years and have their own lives and families.Perhaps some to meet may want a year, two years……But the feelings between us never fade away.After being together, life, work, family, there are times to say good things, and there are times to complain constantly.Even the daughter-in-law of several classmates joined in, making fun of and complaining.The atmosphere was cordial.Most of the time, we just talk on the phone.Most of the time simple a few words, sometimes holding the phone chat for a long time, unhappy work, trivial complaints about family and marriage.At this time, mostly listen to, persuade, know or experienced on the idea.If you don’t know, listen.For life, maybe we are different because of our different living environment and work.I’m more of a listener.But the mood is also the same will be heavy down, a lot of things in the heart when listening to the same sad.It doesn’t take long for happy things to spread in this circle.Every party, although we do not meet too much, but when we get together, the people are basically the same, married, still in love, have children, basically the whole family.As the age group grows, the size of the party grows.The lively degree is also increasing year by year, and the things we talk about are becoming wider or narrower year by year.Family, work, children, banter, chat, frolic……As the age changes, the friendship between several people also changes.Occasionally, someone may stray out of this small group for some reason, but everyone can only wish for the better.No complaining, no complaining.Such a circle is a continuation of the youth of the teenage years.Even if slowly youth is not, but there are always a lot of such feelings in life continued to preserve down.When bear a variety of life, family……After the pressure, there is always a can let oneself talk, always want to have a can give oneself talk and listen to the circle.Maybe this is a way to keep the friendship between men alive, maybe it is also a way for men to decompress.