How would you choose between the University of Hong Kong and Fudan University?

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The University of Hong Kong (The University of Hong Kong, referred to as “Hong Kong University” (HKU), is an international public research University in Hong Kong, China, known as The “Ivy” in Asia.Its motto is “Mingde Gewu”, which is Latin for Sapientia Et Virtus.First, the conclusion: in the choice between graduate school entrance examination and Shenyan Hong Kong University, if possible, the latter is preferred.In the past, I thought it was The University of Hong Kong, but now I think it is the University of Hong Kong, because the University of Hong Kong is more involved, and what is involved is not necessarily good.What if there’s no charge?I think we can only take the exam once, that is the college entrance examination. Otherwise, our life will be finished and our country will lose its competitiveness. This is why our country always attaches importance to overseas students.Because of the natural advantages of international students, both economically and cognitively, they successfully avoid excessive competition for papers. There is no such thing as World War II and World War III, right?I retained my strength as a student.Fortunately, there is a way to study abroad.If THE university of Hong Kong only considers the undergraduate school background in selecting students, the university of Hong Kong can certainly choose every student seems to be 985 graduates, but the university of Hong Kong is not only considering this point of enrollment, the university has a more scientific enrollment system.Hku’s international rankings also testify to his success.Excessive volume in the domestic winning is not necessarily good, a lot of people disdain to participate in this low certainty volume, because of money, more because of knowledge, so capricious!Sometimes really heartache those family conditions are good but in the grind on the road struggling children, in order to enter Fudan, at World War II three wars, directly shen Hong Kong big not sweet?This is also determined by parents’ vision.With the deepening of the national anti-corruption campaign, the postgraduate entrance examination will be gradually optimized, and the backward way that only one major can be tested in one school will surely accomplish its historical mission.Doctoral admissions have begun to implement audit system, graduate student recruit students will also learn foreign widespread application system, also the real face of fostering talents in colleges and universities, rather than from freshman year began to roll one’s deceased father grind, as one’s deceased father grind the uncertainty of the best talent is hard to enter the domestic ideal school to graduate school to interpret the situation instead of being good students, seduced with unequal?Fudan’s postgraduate entrance examination system has determined that it is difficult to recruit a large proportion of truly outstanding students, but to ensure fairness and justice, it is really difficult to change.So I prefer HKU.