Hejiang gong clan reunion was held successfully

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On January 23, 2022, Hejiang County, Luzhou City, hejiang Gong’s family preparation meeting held 2021 Hejiang Gong’s family spring Greeting group activity in bijia Landscape Tianyi Pavilion, a total of more than 70 people attended.Gong Hong, vice chairman of the preparatory committee meeting held, the secretary-general Gong Yuande spoke to all the clan speech, financial report released Gong Nairong financial revenues and expenditures, the preparatory committee chairman zhi-hua gong to work summary of the preparatory committee is established and the 2022 work plan, luzhou Gong Shi clansmen association secretary-general Gong Fei to mountain with the guidance of the preparatory Gong Shi affirmation,During the lunch, the family members greeted each other with wine. After the lunch, we also arranged the interactive activities with prizes for all the family members, including breaking hands, boxing, guessing riddles, mobile phone number lottery and other activities. The atmosphere was very happy and intense.https://news.gongqq.com/hxsx/2022/0124/4285.html this work copyright belongs to the Chinese Gong Shi network – sichuan Gong Shi network media co., LTD., exclusive, authorization today’s headline co., LTD., exclusive shall enjoy the right of information network dissemination, to any third party without authorization, shall not be reproduced.Source: China Gong net culture channel Supervisor: Gong Guolin proofread: Gong Shoucan gong Yan Gong Xuqun editor: Gong Jinjun