Australia against China, the PLA south Pacific patrol, kou can go to us can also go, such as the number of return

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Australia belongs to the so-called “Five Eyes Alliance”. In the stage of containment and containment of China by the United States, Australia followed the United States to fight against China. Now Australia is also a member of the “Four Countries Alliance” and “Orcus Alliance”.Australia is the “good friend” of the United States, encircling and containing China’s stage in the United States, Australia constant jumped up and down, including the use of military force in China’s doorstep, the royal Australian air force has recently P – 8 a home in China to perform “close up reconnaissance” action, obviously this is Australia to cooperate with the United States military deterrence for China.Australia is already a key member of the US-promoted Indo-Pacific version of NATO and recently took part in the so-called “Counter North 2022” joint military exercise.When Australia continues to jump up and down, the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army (PLA) began to counter. According to Australian media, the PLA launched combat cruise operations in the northern waters of Australia. This time, the PLA dispatched the guided-missile destroyer Hefei 052D and the type 071 amphibious dock landing ship Jinggangshan.According to information released by Australia, the PLA fleet was operating in the Torres Strait, very close to the Australian-controlled Torres Strait Islands.202202284/ Aviation vision /AZ, In the face of the approach of the PLA fleet, Australia has been quite uneasy, so it used naval and air forces to track and monitor the PLA.Australia has also denounced the people’s liberation army military use laser jamming of the royal Australian air force P – 8 a sea king anti-submarine patrol at sea, the royal Australian air force using P – 8 a close up reconnaissance for the people’s liberation army, often adopt the way of danger to the reconnaissance in Australia, if encountered laser jamming is also belong to the “right”.From the perspective of Australia’s ups and downs, the combat patrol of the PLA naval fleet in the South Pacific has been a critical issue for Australia. The PLA’s shift from passivity to initiative can make Australia in a panic, thus weakening Australia’s arrogance.Australia is a typical example of “eating Chinese food and beating the pot in China”. Australia has gained abundant benefits from the Chinese market, but it actively confronts China closely with the United States and exerts its military power to show its strength at the doorstep of China, thoroughly exposing Australia’s role as the sidekick and hatchet man of the United States.Facing Australia’s provocations, China didn’t sit, except for Australia’s commodities limited work in military field, the liberation army dispatched 071 type dock landing ships and 052 d missile destroyer, close to the Australian equivalent cruise, in response to the Australia for China’s provocations.Coker to me also to, not a Australia in the south Pacific, the people’s liberation army can fight in the south Pacific Ocean cruise action, the United States and other western countries often carried the banner of “freedom of navigation”, in China’s doorstep, to today’s people’s liberation army (PLA) can also be in accordance with international law “freedom of navigation”, “irresponsible” if Australia and the United States,The PLA responded to Australia’s aggressive posture with concrete actions. The aviation world believes that Australia will pay a price for standing up to China.