After the screen, jinshan teacher’s day was spent like this

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Get up at six o ‘clock every morning, do all the preparatory work, and enter the working state at 7:15.Lu Yuanfeng, born in the 1990s, is a Chinese teacher at no. 2 Middle School attached to Shanghai Normal University in Jinshan District.Since the city launched online education, his entire life has basically been to accompany his class to complete their daily online study.The first class starts at 8 am. As the head teacher, Lu yuanfeng checks students’ attendance in advance and reminds them to get ready for class.After everything was ready, he began to correct homework, attend classes, prepare lessons, and remind students of each class and make class rounds.In senior three, the students are quite conscious of their studies.However, today’s situation is a little special. During the group roll call, one of the students in the class, Xiao Yu, was absent without any reason. Lu Yuanfeng realized that Xiao Yu was always worried about her study as the college entrance examination was approaching.Conscious knowledge has not mastered good small Yu was immersed in anxiety, until the class has not adjusted the state of mind.Lu yuanfeng, who was always concerned about the psychological stress of online learning, urged Xiao Yu on the phone to set priorities and take classes first so as not to lose more knowledge.Later, I got through to Xiao Yu’s parents, reminding them to accompany and care more, strengthen communication with their children, and agreed to use the noon online home visit.After a simple lunch, Lu Yuanfeng had a full online communication with xiao Yu’s parents and worked out incentive measures together. He suggested xiao Yu to regularly analyze her learning problems by herself and take the initiative to find teachers to solve problems.After communication, Xiao Yu gradually relaxed nervous mood.Like this online home visit, is also lu Yuanfeng this period of normal work.He will regularly communicate with parents and students about problems in life and study and help provide solutions.Because of this, students have a great deal of trust in this young head teacher, the relationship between teachers and students is closer than offline, more trust.At half past five in the evening, the sun was going down, and the online teaching ended in the imperceptible busy.But Lu’s work is far from over…Many students also have the need for individual tutoring and answering questions. As early as offline teaching, Lu Yuanfeng often takes advantage of the break to tutor students who are weak in Chinese.After switching to online teaching, students are always busy during the day, so Lu helps them with their homework at night.Students know his online conference room ID and that his conference room is always available to students.At six o ‘clock in the evening, Lu yuanfeng had just put down his dishes and chopsticks when his mobile phone vibrated.”Teacher, can you pass the biography of Hu Song now?”It turned out that the students had just finished the study of biographies of characters in these two days. In order to consolidate the knowledge of classical Chinese, Lu Yuanfeng and some of the students agreed to find time to memorize.”Ok, five minutes.”Lu Yuanfeng put down his cell phone, washed the dishes and went back to his computer. He met his classmates again.The nights were long, and the time for students to find their teachers was scattered.Students study at home and have different living rules, so Lu Yuanfeng keeps pace with them.So in the intermittent, unknowingly into the night.At 23:05, Lu Yuanfeng’s QQ prompt sound rang again, “teacher, can you come now?”Student Song apologizes a little, “today homework some more, delay some time”.”Yes, the conference room.”Mr. Lu replied, as he always does.After tutoring Xiao Song, the busy day finally ended with the night outside the window.At present, the online teaching of primary and secondary schools in this city is continuing to develop, and the large-scale online teaching has brought great challenges to teachers.A day for Lu Yuanfeng is also a day for every jinshan educator who is struggling on the front line.They are ordinary and busy fighting in this anti-epidemic era, with their own responsibility and love, stick to the position of education.The correspondent | Song Yan edit | xiao-yan he (trainee) coordinating editor | WengYu Shen Yanfei view, the author: Shanghai jinshan