These six big European and American dramas, produced by HBO, must be great

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1. Perfect connection between stage scheduling and reality, perfect integration of lighting and choreography.It strengthens the third perspective of Kress, who has always been a spectator in reality. In the stage play, it is presented from the first perspective. The Shooting technique of Hitchcockian style makes the audience have both a sense of substitution and deductive investment.The filming is amazing, the music is great, the story twists and turns, and the creative combinations are jaw-dropping. It’s really good TV.By far the best TV adaptation of a work of literature.Stories written by girls have rich and delicate emotions.Respect the original work, but above the original work, rare.No matter the perspective of the story, the structure of the shots and pictures, the psychological drama interspersed with magic, the interpretation of the actors, yes, the beauty of the character modeling, and the degree of fitting with the stage of life are rare to see the top level.3. The gilded Age’s gorgeous and smooth opening is no less refined than Downton Abbey, but it shows a completely different dynamic picture and exudes a strong breath of revolution.The greed and cruelty of human nature is well portrayed, and it feels like everyone deserves a complete bankruptcy. HBO, it’s a masterpiece, retro graphics can be wallpaper, And Leonard’s mother is a real queen.HBO really loves the mournful genre.Silence and hidden pain are balanced by the lightness of music, which is very touching.Although it is not close to the experience background “SIZE”, my emotions as an audience are connected with her.HBO’s Best New Shows for 2022.Although, “red neck” pain story, doomed not many people see.Generally speaking, I recommend this play.5. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel continues to be herself, fighting for her comedy career, or the most classic season 1.The following season is a bit like gilding the lily.Although retro is still my big love, and I’ve forgotten where season 3 went, it was fun to watch it all over again. The fights used to be dumb and humorous, but the first two episodes of this season were kind of dumb and suffocating.6, “Leaving” the old American drama again out of innovative themes and ideas!This scriptwriter’s imagination is about to skyrocket!Although this play is good news for symmetry obsessive-compulsive disorder, but it brings a lot of psychological pressure to the general audience!Set very strong, the current two sets of opening I feel very good!The first ten minutes of clever immersion, suffocating color and weird BGM, a lot of questions but feel foreshadowed and left blank, in short, brain burning is certain.These six big European and American dramas, produced by HBO, must be great.