The return peak is coming, will you take these sections?

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The Spring Festival return peak will gradually reach its peak in the afternoon of February 5, 2022, and there may be traffic congestion on expressways around Taiyuan.The high-speed traffic police predicted the expressway sections around Taiyuan that are likely to be congested during the return rush and planned detour routes.One, two – Guangzhou highway Yangqu town to Huangzhai section.This section of traffic concentration, no emergency lane, prone to accidents.In case of congestion, you can choose to enter and exit the expressway from huangzhai Toll station, and enter taiyuan city through Yangxing Avenue.2. Yangqu to Yangjiayu section of the Ring Highway.This section is a two-way four-lane road, but the surrounding residential areas are clustered, and there are many toll stations. In case of heavy traffic, cars will move slowly, which is easy to jam after an accident, so you can bypass the East Central Expressway.Iii. Beijing-kunming High-speed Luo City is connected to Jinci temple and Qingnan-Xuannan section.This section of daily flow is very large, such as congestion, we can from the Qingxunan toll station in and out of the highway, through binhe West road in and out of Taiyuan city.Four, Taiyuan South ring Wushu C near.This section of traffic when prone to queue congestion phenomenon.You can drive out of the expressway from riverside, small shop toll station in advance or choose to drive out of the expressway from Wusu F toll station.In addition, the high-speed traffic police remind everyone that the expressway interchange is the interconnecting section between different expressways. Drivers often illegally park or even reverse because they are not familiar with the road conditions, which can easily cause accidents.Familiarize yourself with the road in advance and drive carefully as you pass.There may be some traffic congestion at the checkpoint.Especially in the peak traffic congestion backflow risk.Like too long high speed Yuci (Dongyang), Taigu East, Qingyin high speed Shouyang, too old high speed Pingding, Yangquan west, North Shanxi, Taiyuan second ring Jinzhongdong, Longhu, Taigu and Qiaojia scenic spots and other toll station waiting for more vehicles, peak hours lead to the main line congestion several kilometers.If you really have travel needs must pay attention to traffic safety, it is recommended to choose small traffic flow, unobstructed traffic stations under the highway.You can search the Client of The State Council or consult local traffic authorities through the wechat mini program to learn about the epidemic prevention policies of your destination.