Guangzhou New Year “official guide” is coming!It’s all set for fun and fun

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Spring is coming again!In 2022, “Guangzhou New Year Flower City” will be held simultaneously for the first time online and offline!Guangzhou this year during the Spring Festival highlights many citizens friends have a blessing!The upgraded version of “Flower city flower appreciation Map” is launched to enjoy flowers all the year round. Flowers are everywhere in Guangzhou all the year round.Flower appreciation in Guangzhou is not limited to traditional flower markets.This year, the Guangzhou Forestry and Parks Bureau launched the autumn/winter and spring/summer editions of the Flower City Map, which allows citizens to follow the guide to find out where to enjoy flowers throughout the year in Guangzhou.During the Spring Festival, in the urban area of Guangzhou, yuntai Garden Spring Festival Tulip Flower Exhibition, Lianhua Mountain Peach Blossom Culture Tourism Festival, Liuhua Lake Park “Liuhua Cup” 2022 Spring Jasmine Bonascape Exhibition, Baoqu Rose World Spring Festival Large-scale theme flower Exhibition, Culture Park Flower Exhibition,Haizhu Lake flower sea, Huadu Lake flower sea and Baiyun Mountain peach blossom stream, Luogang xiangxue, flowers everywhere in full bloom.Lai Chi Wan Floating Flower market and Wing Ching Pier floating flower market flower boats will be stunning.In the countryside, The flower Sea in Conghua Shimen Forest Park, Conghua Flower Industrial Park (national modern agricultural Industrial Park), and Huadu Flower Ripening new rural demonstration belt are flourishing flowers and trees, demonstrating the fruitful achievements of Guangzhou rural tourism and Guangzhou rural revitalization.During the Spring Festival of 2022, Guangzhou will no longer carry out centralized spring Jasmine flower market activities. All districts will strictly implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and do a good job in organizing and managing the flower sales during the 2022 Spring Festival according to the principle of “online first, offline second”.The 2022 “Cloud Flower Market” has been launched in Guangzhou.In baiyun, Huadu, Panyu, Nansha, Conghua, Zengcheng and other hundreds of production bases, about 12 million POTS (plants) of annual flowers have opened the “cloud reception” mode, and fresh annual flowers can be bought home without leaving home.E-commerce platform launched annual flower sales, wechat opened the entrance of “Guangzhou Cloud Flower Market”, a variety of channels to ensure the online purchase demand of citizens.Offline, relevant departments and districts in Guangzhou have set up offline flower outlets and pick-up points based on the comprehensive implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.Up to now, 342 offline selling points have been clearly set up in each district.Flower varieties include peach blossom, phalaenopsis, orange and other mainstream Spring Festival flowers.To go to the lavatory citizen masses, buy flower map with map software cooperation on the line also in making.People can search “Flower market” to obtain the latest offline flower sales information of Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival, Guangzhou prepared nearly 200 cultural events for its citizens and guests, including Cantonese opera, intangible cultural heritage, New Year’s Eve movies, performances and exhibitions.Literary and art volunteers have carried out activities to bring culture to thousands of people, reaching out to communities and rural areas, and carrying out a variety of literary and art activities to the countryside.In the Palace Exhibition area of the King of South Vietnam Museum, highlights of the Cantonese opera version of the Golden Rooster Award winning film “Words of The Palace of South Vietnam” will be combined with the South Vietnamese Guards to perform for the benefit of the people.From February 1 to 6, and from February 15 to 17, there will be three performances from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. each day at the Palace of the South Vietnamese, with the South Vietnamese Guard performing at different times on Beijing Road.The Cantonese Opera Art Museum will also be full of stars and cantonese music.Famous cantonese crosstalk performance artist, “ye” guangzhou laughing at jun-ying huang, Chinese drama plum blossom prize winner benny lai, Chen Yunhong, yu-mei cui, chun-mei su, wu, particularly Chinese quyi MuDanJiang winner Liang Yurong, famous artists such as crosstalk performers bao-wen he would on February 1-6 in fuk huimin performance.”Plum blossom and Peony compete with Fragrant Flowers”, January 27 (December 25) venue: Cantonese Opera Art Museum, Guangfutai (127 Enning Road, Liwan District), Opening time: January 27, 15:00 (about 60 minutes) host: Wen Weiquan 1.Performance: Huang Liping, Zheng Jie, Shu Peiqi, Li Zhicheng, Huang Junyi 2.Eclecticopera “Garden Dream” performance: Wu Feifan, Chen Jianchao 3. Cantonese opera three throat solo “Zhao Zilong Urges to Return” singing: Zheng Aeyu 4.Zi Opera “Zhaojun Out of The Jam” performance: Chen Yunhong, Jia Hua, Chen Jingyu, Chen Cailian 5. Cantonese opera “Good Guangzhou” singing: Liang Yulong 6.Cross-talk A Firm Promise by Huang Junying and He Baowen Feb 1 (the first day of the first lunar month) Venue: Cantonese Opera Art Museum, Guangfutai (127 Enning Road, Liwan District) First Performance: 15:00 (about 30 minutes) Host: Lin Tingting1Five first group entertainment Shengping — Huang Liping, Zheng Jie, Shu Peiqi, Li Zhicheng, Huang Junyi 2.Ditty singing “Cotton Wool Zan” — Lin Tingting 3. Crosstalk “Be Sure to Say” — Huang Junying, he Baowen 4.The second scene: 16:00 (about 30 minutes) Host: Lin Tingting 1.Five first group entertainment Shengping — Huang Liping, Zheng Jie, Shu Peiqi, Li Zhicheng, Huang Junyi 2.Cantonese song “A bay of New Guangdong” — Lin Tingting 3. Cross talk “Happy tiger” — Huang Junying, He Baowen 4.February 2nd (the second day of the first lunar month) Venue: Cantonese Opera Art Museum guangfutai (127 Enning Road, Liwan District) 15:00 (about 30 minutes) Host: Lin Tingting1Five first group entertainment Shengping — Huang Liping, Zheng Jie, Shu Peiqi, Li Zhicheng, Huang Junyi 2.Cantonese opera duet “Dream of Lychee Bay” — Liao Qi, Lin Tingting 3. Cantonese opera Duet “The Charm of pearl River” — Li Huiwen 4.Crosstalk “Say no more” — Huang Junying, He Baowen Time: 16:00 (about 30 minutes) host: Lin Tingting 1.Five headband “A Nightingale in the Willow” — Huang Liping, Zheng Jie, Shu Peiqi, Li Zhicheng, Huang Junyi 2.Cantonese opera duet “Ode to China in the Golden Age” — Liao Qi, Lin Tingting 3. Cantonese opera Singing “Double Flying Butterflies” — Li Huiwen 4.Feb.3rd (the third day of the first lunar month) Venue: Cantonese Opera Art Museum, Guangfutai (127 Enning Road, Liwan District) Opening Time: 15:00 (about 40 minutes) host:Wen Wei right 1. July 7, the palace – Chen Junmin, bend on May 2. “xu run city” – hai-rong bi (3) the fated mistakes will – Yang Zuolin, blue ocean rhyme 4. “the peony pavilion” – tan, YangYingQi 5. The cold clouds dawn – benny lai sound on February 4 (January 4) location: cantonese opera art museum fuk Taiwan (liwan district ning road no. 127) the opening time:15:00 (about 40 minutes) Host:Wen Wei right 1. “litchi praise” – wu special 2. “xu run city” – hai-rong bi 3. The dreams will taihu lake – Liu Huajing, blue ocean rhyme 4. “happy together” – Liang Yi fly, OuYangYingQi 5. July 7, the palace – Chen Junmin, bend on May 6. Rural west, “” feelings of month” – particularly on February 5th, wu (the fifth day) location:Cantonese Opera Art Museum, Guangfutai (No. 127 enning Road, Liwan District)Wen Wei right 1. The rainy night have alook – Chen Junmin 2. “think of worldly pleasures – Li Jiayi 3. The falling snow – Li Weicong, deng XueGuan 4.” wang zhaojun fill – bend on mei, Liu Huajing, OuYangYingQi, blue ocean rhyme 5. “divergence” – tan, Zou Mingzhi 6. “Dong Sheng and lee” passage – Li Jiayi, February 6, Li Weicong (people) location:Cantonese Opera Art Museum, Guangfutai (No. 127 enning Road, Liwan District)Wen Wei right 1. “happy together” – Liang Yi fly, OuYangYingQi 2. The rice aroma – yu-mei cui 3. July 7, the palace – Chen Junmin, bend on May 4. “the bride napping will” – Yang Zuolin, blue ocean rhyme 5. “xu run city” – hai-rong bi 6. Rural west, “” feelings of month” – yu-mei cui “in one thousand, the ancient city of rejuvenation” on January 26 (lunar 24) location:Nanyue King Museum (Palace Exhibition Area) No. 1 Palace Opening Time: 15:30 (about 60 minutes)Chinese movie “the south Vietnamese palace word” golden rooster award-winning fragment 2. Cantonese opera “south Vietnam palace word fragment, yu-mei cui, Chen Zhenjiang (three consecutive daily) on February 1 solstice 6 (homonym to people) location: south yue emperor museum (palace pavilion) a palace in the opening time: hold (60 minutes) content: 3.Chinese film golden Rooster Award winning film “Nanyue Palace Lyrics” 4. Cantonese opera “Nanyue Palace Lyrics” — Li Yi, Chen Zhenjiang (three consecutive performances every day) February 15 to 17 venue: Nanyue King Museum (Palace Exhibition area) Palace 1 Opening time: January 26 15:00 (about 60 minutes) activity content: 5.6. Cantonese Opera “Nanyue Palace Ci” segment — Cui Yumei and Chen Zhenjiang (three consecutive performances every day) in the Intangible cultural Heritage Block of Yongqing Square, Liwan District, the intangible cultural heritage masters of ten categories, such as Lion Dance, Canton glazed porcelain, Canton embroidery, enamel and bone carving, will appear in turn.Moreover, there are many intangible cultural heritage food experience activities, such as “Celebrating Chinese New Year with Cantonese Cuisine” and “Lunar New Year’s Taste in Xiguan sausage powder”, to let the public taste the good taste of Guangzhou’s intangible cultural heritage;The Zhongshan Memorial Hall will set up a live experience area for Guangzhou clay sculpture and Guangzhou paper cutting, displaying guangzhou clay sculpture, Guangzhou paper cutting, Guangzhou Xicun kiln and other intangible cultural heritage works, and reading lingnan intangible cultural heritage stories in the New Year.In addition, Yuexiu District also launched a series of online activities, such as “Guangfu Yuan Universe” virtual cultural space, poetry contest, script punch card game, “Guangfu Year common sayings you know” series video exhibition, so that the general public can also experience the “Full flavor of the New Year” online, enjoy the festive Atmosphere of the New Year.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games, which will open on February 4, is a world-renowned sports event.Feb 4 falls on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, during the Spring Festival holiday.The combination of New Year elements and Olympic elements adds a festive atmosphere.Just this month, Guangzhou launched the “Southern Flower City to welcome the Winter Olympics · the first Bay Area Ice and Snow Culture Festival” series of activities.A total of 12 themed activities will be held for more than three months from The official launch on January 4 to the end of April this year.This activity will fully mobilize the whole city to participate in ice and snow activities, to help the Beijing Winter Olympics: hold the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Skiing Elite Challenge and south China Ice and Snow Studio — winter Olympics live broadcast series of activities;Youth skiing competition, painting essay competition, etc.”Olympic stars talk about the Olympics”, “Learn to ski with Olympic Champions”, parent-child snow and ice camp and other activities were held. By inviting Olympic stars to experience skiing events and parent-child games and interactive scenes, the craze of skiing was set off for all people.Which of these activities do you want to do most?Have a wonderful New Year in Guangzhou. Nanfang Daily: The qin is there?☟