Xu Chang net red card attractions

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Xu Chang net red card scenic spots are: Luming Lake sports Park, qingyihe, Cao Wei ancient City, Lotus Bridge lotus Lake, Xu Du Grand Theatre, etc.Luming Lake Sports Park, added many sika deer sculpture.Two of the deer were big and looked unique.The name of the sculpture is shadow Deer.The idea comes from the traditional Chinese image of deer.More than 1,000 years ago, there were many deer in Xuchang, among which there were many white deer. White deer is also called sky deer, which is also the origin of the name of the sculpture.The light deer sculpture, which is 10 meters high, is made of stainless steel, with thousands of stainless steel surfaces for each deer.Its surface is colorful, just like the shimmering water on the lake, there is a flashing visual effect.You can also walk under its huge body and have a kind of dreamlike feeling, a kind of fairyland feeling when it fogs up, and the whole atmosphere of the sculpture is perfect.Qingyihe, a tributary of Yinghe, with a total length of 149 kilometers, and a basin area of 2362 square kilometers.Ripples, flowers and willow green, with the opening of forest Park, Yurun Lake Park, industrial Theme Park and Guanzhuang wetland, the old yihe river across the new and old city sections has a new look, a river of clear water cross the city, both sides of the yiyi River flowers fragrant path.The natural scenery and perfect recreational facilities make it an ideal place for citizens to relax.There is also the net red grass powder dai child flower, a full bloom, will attract a lot of people to punch here.Cao Wei ancient city, with an area of 3.9 square kilometers, is located in Xuchang, Henan Province.It is an ancient city of Cao Wei culture with the main functions of cultural display, tourism and leisure, commercial services and characteristic residence.The ancient city has simple and elegant corridors, grand arcade buildings, layers of brackets eaves, unique pavilions and pavilions, making people feel as if through the dust of history, back to the Wei Capital 1800 years ago.It is not only the finishing touch to display the style of The Han and Wei Dynasties and the charm of The Three Kingdoms in Xuchang, but also the must-visit place for tourists to travel in Xuchang.Xudu Grand Theater, located in the south of Xudu Park, covers an area of about 68 mu, 152 meters long from east to west, 90 meters wide from north to south, a total construction area of 45,000 square meters, the main body of 24 meters high;The ground floor covers an area of 11,000 square meters.It is the only comprehensive theater in Xuchang that can accommodate conferences, exhibitions, film screenings and art performances at the same time.Its perfect supporting facilities and unique architectural shape not only reflect the spirit of the building temperament, but also reflect the cultural charm of the han and Wei dynasties, enhance the taste of the city, but also enrich the spiritual life of xuchang citizens of the cultural center.Lotus Bridge of Lotus Lake, located in xuchang City urban and rural integration demonstration area, covers an area of 705 mu, water storage of 400,000 cubic meters.The island in the middle of the lake is like a lotus flower with five petals in full bloom.Together with the urban axis project, it forms the landscape of five petals, one axis, three centers and nine green corridors.It is one of the “five lakes” in the city of “Three rivers, two rings and one water run lotus”.