Guangdong province, which saw a decrease in traffic accidents last year, will take strict precautions against more serious traffic accidents this year

2022-06-11 0 By

On the morning of March 24, the Road Traffic Safety Joint Conference Office of Guangdong Province (referred to as “Provincial Road Safety Office”) held a teleconference to plan the road traffic safety management work in 2022.The meeting pointed out that since the provincial Party Committee and government deployed the system to prevent and defuse road traffic safety risks in 2021, all local departments have fulfilled their duties and taken the initiative to take responsibility. The number of traffic accidents and direct economic losses in the province have decreased, and the special work has achieved initial results.The meeting called on all localities to make safety the top priority in traffic management work this year.A live source control, strengthen the “four class” (that is, the drug-related, involving major disease, involving traffic accidents, and many times the illegal operation of the vehicle driving) the key driver education management, bat “seven class” (that is, “a guest is a dangerous goods of the two school” vehicle, “turn the camp” bus rural van key vehicles) and 7 seats or more focus on vehicles,Focus on key sections of “two categories” (namely 9 national and provincial roads, Guangzhou to Zhanjiang section of Shenzhou-Hai Expressway, Qingyuan to Zhaoqing section of Erguang-Guangzhou Expressway and “Pingan Village Mouth”), watch over key enterprises of “three categories” (namely road transportation, cargo source and highway operation and management) to eliminate safety risks.Second, we need to guard road surfaces and strengthen control of traffic in rural areas, cities and expressways.Third, we should focus on key areas, important nodes, campuses, hazardous chemical vehicles and trucks and other key links, and strictly prevent the occurrence of large traffic accidents.Fourth, we will strengthen rescue and treatment, increase the coverage of designated hospitals and experts, improve the efficiency of road sections and the level of rescue and treatment in rural areas, and effectively reduce the death and injury rate in traffic accidents.At the same time, it is necessary to be a good adviser and assistant of the Party committee and government, build a working platform for efficient operation, focus on accountability, and promote the construction of a new mechanism for the comprehensive management of road traffic safety at a higher level.The meeting stressed that all levels and departments should be extremely responsible to the Party and the people, always adhere to the bottom line thinking, strengthen risk awareness, under the leadership of the Party Committee and the government, do their best to ensure the implementation of traffic safety management measures, and create a safe, orderly and smooth road traffic environment for the victory of the party’s 20th National Congress.Meetings are held at the county level.Source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng pie