21, 15, 34, three in a row!Liaoning move stone drop oneself foot, playoffs can not necessarily pass the first round

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Guangzhou and The shanxi team of the play-off showdown, and finally by the Shanxi team 2-1 eliminated Guangzhou team successfully promoted to 8 strong, to achieve a small breakthrough.Throughout guangzhou and shanxi team series, the gap between the two sides or some!Guangzhou team defensively very positively, three defense has certain effect, but the team on the offensive end is too poor, only good husband, a few Chen Yingjun 2 point is relatively stable, even small foreign aid mason is not in the best shape, coupled with the guangzhou team attack strength is not enough, by shanxi large gap, make them out in the end.Of course, the shanxi team can win, the whole team played a huge role, but there is one person played a key role, he is Simmons!With guangzhou team playoff first game, the first section of the West team opened a 20 point gap, and in the end of the first section, it is Simons attack and defense at both ends of the strong, with one stroke hit 12 points 0 open difference!Since then, in the face of guangzhou team’s counterattack, Simmons is also the use of stable breakthrough and constantly score points, for the Shanxi team firmly in control of the advantage, leading the team to a 120-101 victory!Simmons played 19 minutes and scored 21 points, 6 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 steals on 9 of 14 shots. His offensive, organizational and defensive skills contributed to the team’s victory.In the second game that The Shanxi Team lost, Simmons did not perform well, only getting 15 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists. Although he was still comprehensive and brought great improvement to the defensive end, he could not bring absolute help to the Shanxi Team in the offensive end, which made the Shanxi Team lost.And in the third game, Simmons once again strong return, the first section came up again and again to take points, to help shanxi team to establish the initiative!In the third quarter, Simmons had a big burst, hitting a 3-pointer from the outside, driving no one to stop him, almost all by himself, and pushing the lead to more than 20 points.The last quarter in the face of guangzhou team’s pursuit, Simmons is also relying on individual ability to stabilize the situation, he scored 34 points and 11 rebounds in the entire game of 2 double data, completely dominated the game.21+15+34, in the series with Guangzhou team, Simons can be said to burst 3 games in a row, even if the second game is not good, also played a huge role, he was the key player of Shanxi team eliminated Guangzhou team, also let Liaoning team lifted a rock to hit their feet.After shanxi’s victory over Guangzhou, they advanced to the quarterfinals and will face Liaoning in the first round of the playoffs.Liaoning signed Simmons last season, hoping he can become the backbone of the team’s forward end!However, Liaoning gave up Simons after his performance was not as good as expected, and they signed morland, a former shanxi foreign aid. Simons joined Shanxi, and This season’s playoffs, Simons will be a big problem for Liaoning.Does liaoning have anyone who can guard Simmons?Really have no!Zhang Zhenlin is good, he has speed and impact, but his defense is very young, not only lack of experience, but also bad defensive habits, it is difficult to fight against the old simmons.As for liaoning’s other front lines, Fu Hao is too slow, Cong Mingchen and Liu Zhixuan are too soft and can limit Simmons, which makes Simmons still play a huge role in the series against Liaoning.Moreover, there is more than one Simmons in Shanxi!Organization, had every attack, individual ability is the explosion, the original handsome, zhang ning have not weak in the back three points support, shanxi is the most important of our powerful, peng-fei yan, zhi-qiang xing, Zhang Chunjun, impact are strong, shanxi is a ceiling is very high, and very dangerous team, in the face of such a team,Liaoning is not without the possibility of first-round exit.