Yunnan introduced policies to help struggling industries in the service sector

2022-06-10 0 By

People in kunming on April 5 (xinhua Cheng Hao) recently, the yunnan province development and reform commission, the departments of yunnan province and other 14 departments issued by the “about the implementation of a number of policies to promote the development of service sector difficult industry recovery” (hereinafter referred to as “a number of policy”), to services through recovery, difficult industry.In terms of inclusive assistance, the Policies clearly stipulate that the policy of additional VAT deductions for the service sector will continue to be implemented, and the current deductible input tax of taxpayers of production and life service industries will continue to be deducted by 10% and 15% respectively in 2022.In 2022, we will continue to implement the policy of lowering unemployment insurance premiums for a period of time, continue to implement the preferential policy of stable unemployment insurance rebates for enterprises that do not or do not lay off employees, and increase the rate of unemployment insurance rebates for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises from 60 percent to up to 90 percent in 2022.In terms of targeted support and rescue, the Policies clearly guide take-out and other Internet platform enterprises to further reduce the service fee standards of catering businesses and reduce the operating costs of relevant catering enterprises.Internet platform enterprises will be guided to offer preferential service fees to catering enterprises in county-level administrative areas where high-risk areas are located.In ensuring that the benefits of unemployment insurance, fund provision for capacity of more than 24 months of unemployment insurance as a whole the area, can contribute to the food and beverage enterprise phased implementation delay unemployment insurance policy, catering enterprises apply the prescribed conditions, the commission after the approval of the people’s government shall be postponed by ginseng, deadline less than a year, during the period of delay capture from fine for delaying payment.In terms of bailout support for tourism industry, the Policies clearly state that the policy of guarantee support for tourism service quality of travel agencies will continue to be implemented in 2022, 80% of eligible travel agencies will be maintained, and eligible states and municipalities will be encouraged to further increase the proportion of tourism service quality support.We will accelerate trials to replace deposits by insurance and expand the scope of trials.Establish and improve the key tourist enterprise project financing needs library, guide financial institutions to eligible, development prospect of expected better a-class tourist scenic spots, tourist resort, tourism performing arts, rural tourism business units, star hotels, travel agencies and other key cultural and tourist market main body credit investment increasing, properly increasing the loan amount.In terms of assistance and support for the civil aviation industry, we will continue to subsidize the operation and safety capacity building of qualified small and medium-sized airports and directly affiliated airports through the Civil Aviation Development Fund, discount interest on loans for civil aviation infrastructure, and subsidize investment in airport and air traffic control projects.We encourage active application of special bonds to support civil aviation infrastructure projects.Banking financial institutions are encouraged to increase credit support for hub airports, and to increase support for the issuance of debt financing instruments by airlines and civil aviation airports severely affected by COVID-19.Source: People’s Daily Online – Yunnan Channel