Younger brother mouth mysterious “will”, drag a family of three “nail household”

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The old reform collection has a human touch, but the collection policy must adhere to the rigid, “a bowl of water level”, “a ruler to measure to the end”.However, in each old reconstruction base, there are always a few families who cannot sign contracts and move out within the prescribed time due to internal conflicts, and the efforts of the staff are doubled in order to ensure that they do not lose the expropriation benefits as much as possible.The whole Longtang of Shijia Residence in Yangpu District belongs to parcel 150, Dinghai Street, Yangpu. On March 7, 2021, the signing rate of the second round reached 85%, and the expropriation of the base took effect. Several months later, only the Chen family remained in the whole Longtang.The two-story house, though low and dark, was left to her three siblings by her parents.Several years ago, the parents of the three siblings passed away. Chen’s two younger brothers now live on the first floor and the second floor respectively.Two agents followed early in the morning from the town of Pujiang home hurried to Chen old woman came to Chen, and three sisters and brother sat down together, chatted up.The agent said, “Do you have any demands for our house expropriation work contract, or how is the family coordination?”Chen’s two floors of two rooms, an area of nearly 80 square meters, in the award period, if the pure monetary compensation scheme can take more than 8 million expropriation compensation, if the house resettlement is worth more than 700 thousand houses in this area or 2 houses outside the area.The old house of the Chen family is a private house, and after the death of their parents, the Chen three siblings have the right to inherit.According to relevant policies, it is necessary for all the right holders to sign the contract or entrust one person jointly to sign the contract.Eldest brother Old old woman and second elder brother old man, the first round, the second round of consultation agreed to sign, did not sign the compensation agreement, the problem in the younger brother Old there.In the mediation, Lao Chen said that he had no objection to the expropriation policy, but repeatedly stressed that the private house was left to him by his parents, his brother and sister did not share, he could not get a will, but asked the agent to investigate the street and notary office, for him to find the so-called will.The agent said that after Mr. Chen proposed the existence of his will, the staff had accompanied him to yangpu District notary office and Dinghai street to verify, but did not find the existence of his will.In addition to the will, which is nowhere to be found, Mr. Chen also suggested that he had several other properties that he needed help finding.Seeing brother hustling, Chen old woman and Chen old man can not bear, straight at the brother shouted, “you want money or house, now ask you want money or house.”During the whole mediation, the dialogue between the third Chen and his brother and sister, as well as the manager, seemed like a chicken talking with a duck.On one side is Chen, who is stuck in his own world, and on the other side is his brother and sister, who are losing patience.It is understood that the younger brother Chen has been 66 years old this year, the former Shanghai second printing and dyeing factory workers, because of poor speech has been single.After a buyout more than a decade ago, Lao Chen has been idle at home.Many years ago, his family found that he sometimes had unusual behavior, but they did not take him to see the doctor.Although the elder brother and sister said Chen’s mental condition was unstable, they could not become his brother’s legal guardian, let alone make choices on his behalf, because they had not been tested.After repeated mediation, elder sister and second brother or unable to persuade the younger brother to accept the move, out of the old house.As the last unsigned residents in 150 neighborhoods, the distance from the second round of consultation and signing has passed 3 months, the three sisters and brothers even now signed a contract, but also lost the scheduled signing bonus, collective signing bonus and other 500,000 or 600,000 yuan signing bonus.And if we put it off any longer, we could lose millions more in incentive fees.Make sure to collect compensatory money as far as possible to let Chen jia sister younger brother, agency person suggests 3 people keep first “big cake”, carte Blanche entrusts 3 younger brother Old Chen to sign a contract.This suggestion was approved by Chen at first, but he changed his mind a few minutes later.At the end of July 2021, the Yangpu District People’s Government issued a Written Decision on House Expropriation compensation to Chen’s three siblings.If the expropriated person is dissatisfied with the compensation decision made by the government department, he can file an administrative reconsideration within 60 days or bring an administrative lawsuit to the court within six months.If it is rejected by the court, then the collection agency can apply to the executive board of the court for forcible removal of the person being expropriated by this ruling.On December 10, the Yangpu District People’s Court also issued a notice to Chen’s family.In 2022 January 10, Yangpu District shi Home from summer to winter, neighbors have moved into the new house, Chen is still clinging to the old house, but also because of his insistence, the expropriation work is about to enter the court enforcement stage.Considering the Chen family’s difficult situation, the agent still did not give up, before the Spring Festival once again to do the work.The agent said that because Chen has no house elsewhere, in order to protect his rights, although it has entered the compulsory expropriation stage, but before being applied for compulsory, we will try our best to do Chen’s work and strive for signing the contract.Agent said, “his sister second brother also willing to let him, make him a total of property rights of the trustee, let him to sign, let him make decision, choose a set of one house in this area, the extra money you again, have a concession, but he still don’t want to do, even if let him save money not to choose houses outside to buy a house, excessive house is also good for him, and he bought outside the room,He didn’t want to negotiate the extra money.”After half a year, Chen Lao SAN is still not affected by the outside world, and even put forward 3 wills.The familiar “find a will” model is on again, but where is the will?Still don’t know.The idea of sunshine collection and transparent operation has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The early signing is the early benefit, and the early relocation is the early profit.Every step of the old reform has clear policy provisions with legal effect.If blindly make trouble irrationally when nail household, in the end what waiting for them can collect compensatory money of ceaseless loss only, suffer a loss necessarily or oneself.(Look at Knews reporter: Shi Yajuan guo Nanyi Editor: Xia Dingwei)