Yang Jingyu sacrifice was dissected, Japanese generals on the spot tears, after returning home to kill his wife and children disembowelment

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Guide language: because the qing court pursues the policy of seclusion, which makes the once vast country, in modern times was ill, but with the development of the western industrial revolution and the advent of the era of sailing, led to the foreign aggression and expansion of the western powers began to crazy, so once, as a country with full territorial sovereignty, now turned into a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society.Seeing the home country is not protected, there are more patriotic people hold high the flag of justice, they with the body of the body of the womb against the invaders, the revolution enthusiasm of the whole country is high, although we have the belief of victory, but in weapons and equipment with the enemy, so also led to our heavy casualties.Yang Jingyu, a revolutionary martyr, was thrown into the ground after being sacrificed. The Japanese generals shed tears on the spot. After the war ended, they returned to China and killed their wife and children because of their conscience, before committing seppuku.Yang Jingyu was born in the early 19th century and grew up in a poor family. After the death of his father, the poor family was even worse. The family was supported only by his ailing mother.Yang Jingyu mainly to the landlord cattle, fortunately the landlord is more kind, Yang Jingyu did not suffer too much bullying, but the landlord’s son is a playboy, often with the rich and powerful, bullying the weak, every time to see this situation, Yang Jingyu will be full of a sense of justice to stand up and stop it all.As Yang Jingyu gradually grew up, he worked for the landlord to see him more honest and honest, so he sent him to school to learn, during this period also let Yang Jingyu accept new ideas and ideas, the seeds of the revolution also took root in the heart.A few years later, Yang jingyu formally joined the Communist Party of China and actively participated in the revolutionary movement.After Chiang kai-shek launched the counter-revolutionary coup in 412, has also led to a large number of revolutionary party had to change course, moving all the struggle to underground, and during this period, jing-yu Yang had been the kuomintang reactionaries captured more than five times, each time has suffered severe torture, but jing-yu Yang never disclose half sentence related to party a secret.After the Meiji Restoration, Japan, with its increased military and economic strength, began to invade and expand abroad.In 1931, after the Outbreak of the September 18 Incident, in just a few months, the entire northeast region fell.As a result, Yang Jingyu received orders from his superiors, asking him to immediately go to the northeast to launch a revolutionary struggle.In 1932, Yang Jingyu established an Anti-japanese guerrilla group in northeast China. Because of his excellent leadership and flexible tactics, he also defeated the arrogance of the Japanese invaders.Suddenly, Yang jingyu became famous in the area, and many people came here to join her team.Under the leadership of Yang Jingyu, although we were not as well armed as the Japanese, we also won several beautiful battles.But the victory of the revolution required not only excellent weapons but also extraordinary perseverance, and the long and difficult and remarkable battle discouraged some people and made them want to surrender.In 1938 Yang Jingyu’s most trusted right-hand man Cheng Bin became a traitors, Cheng Bin’s mutiny is not thought of, because the sudden changes lead to Yang Jingyu no way to change the operational policy, so also by the Japanese cornered.Under the condition of scarce food and bullets, Yang Jingyu could only take his troops to the depths of changbai Mountain transfer, although he was at the end of his rope, but Yang Jingyu never gave up resistance, but with the enemy for a long time.In 1940, Zhao Yanxi found a man in the mountains wearing old cotton-padded jacket covered with frostbitten, guess he is Yang Jingyu, and persuade Yang Jingyu to surrender, but was rejected by Yang Jingyu just words.Zhao Yanxi for bonuses, betrayed the whereabouts of Yang Jingyu, so directly led to the sacrifice of Yang Jingyu.Jing-yu Yang sacrifice before a few days, he has been out of ammunition, so the Japanese is very curious about how he spent the last few days, so the Japanese officers shore patoran ichiro jing-yu Yang sent people cut open the stomach, and stomach will jing-yu Yang sent to the laboratory tests, the final result shows that only inside his stomach bark, roots, and the article such as cotton,Yang jingyu just relied on these things, leng in the mountains for several days.In the face of this scene, the Japanese army was moved by the fighting spirit of Yang Jingyu.Any aggressor will be driven out by force, Japan launched a war because of its narrow national concept, and committed numerous crimes on the land of China, so it this war is bound to fail, because justice belongs to the people!Conclusion: when the end of the war, shore Valley Long Ichiro returned to the domestic, he had participated in the war of aggression against China also deeply remorse, every time think of Yang Jingyu will always let his heart, in the heart of extreme remorse, Shore Valley Long Ichiro also killed his wife and son, the final choice to commit suicide.After the liberation of Changchun in 1948, Yang Jingyu was also welcomed into the Northeast Martyrs’ Memorial Hall in Harbin. Although his life was short, it was brilliant and worthy of being respected by all Chinese from generation to generation.