There is life and death, riches and honour in heaven

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The Master said, “I am rich enough to be desired.If not, do what I please.”The Master said, “If wealth could be reasonably obtained, I would willingly be a servant with a whip in his hand.If wealth is not in line with the tao, there is no need to pursue it, or according to my hobby to do.”The disciple discussed with Confucius about “the dream of wealth”, Confucius replied, “I also want to be rich, but life and death are destiny, wealth is in heaven, there is, there is no, do not worry about wealth all day long, but do not know what you really want.Confucius here again mentioned the relationship between wealth and tao.As long as it is in line with the tao, riches and honour can pursue, not in line with the Tao, riches and honour can not pursue.Well, he does what he likes.From this we can see that Confucius did not object to being an official or being rich, but he had to conform to the Tao.Riches and honour ah, can be sought or not sought?As long as they are in line with the Tao and justice, as long as they can be rich, even do humble work.If it does not conform to the Tao, do what is just, even if you can be rich. Follow what you love and follow the Tao.Now everyone has this problem in front of, now is the commodity economy society, everyone is for a “money” word and in the hustle and bustle, want to get rich.That in the end wealth ah, can seek or not seek?There is no problem that we can live a better life through hard work and frugality.Don’t have too much hope, if there is really a big hope, it is good to do, steadfast to do what you should do, do what you should do well, do fine do specialized, so that everyone can not leave you, everyone thought is you, then you also on the line.A gentleman loves money in the right way. Another is that a gentleman loves money in the right way. He is rich and expensive in injustice.Ill-gotten wealth is not good!What did book lovers experience?You can think about it.Is it rich or not? How?