The ancients also pay attention to the “greeting ceremony”?

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Do you still remember the customs and etiquette of sweeping dust, staying up late and giving red envelopes during the Spring Festival when we were young?The ancients cloud: “the ceremony respect people also”.Traditional etiquette, pay attention to respect, awe and pray for “the great China, the state of etiquette” in ancient times, whether the emperor and officials or meet with people all need to do “meet the gift”, here is not only a gift, the “meet the gift” is a kind of behavior norms, but also the art of communication.In addition to meeting, it is also used in occasions of thanks, congratulations, blessing or festivals.However, in ancient China, men and women were different. Men were Yang and left handed, while women were Yin and right handed.So youyou know it!A man’s left hand is out, a woman’s right.Friends do not use the wrong oh!You know what to do when you meet on New Year’s Day!In fact, in ancient times, there were a lot of “etiquette”, clothing, food, housing and travel were supreme customs and etiquette respect, we are only talking about a small part of the etiquette.If youyou have any etiquette customs that we haven’t shared yet, please come and discuss!The pictures in this article are from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete.