Conscience masterpiece “I burn demons in the Ministry of Torture three hundred years”, bid farewell to the book famine, from this one start!

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Chapter five Greed, hatred and ignorance three fire choose the Lord high arch dark praise, no wonder can burn to hidden king fish, can not say that this son has a little chance, if after chance coincidence can become a wu, to be able to attract some for His Royal Highness Yu wang.Nevertheless now, still be an ordinary huang Ting, pour also not worth oneself expend idea.Gao Gong thought for a while and released a bit of goodwill: “Huang Ting, in the future, if you have the opportunity to go out to refine the demon furnace every month, I will not talk about the blowing, pulling, playing and singing in each alley, gently kneading and slowly twisting, and you will slowly experience the taste.But I warn you, stay away from qinglian nunnery.”After that, Gao Gong made a silent gesture and waved huang Ting away.Huang Ting nodded, although do not know why to stay away from the green lotus nunnery, but there is danger hide far point is always right.After leaving the department, Huang Returned to the rest of the fire chemical industry, as if nothing happened, continue to work as usual..Time flies.This is already the third year of huangting demon Cave.On the surface, Huang Ting is still only a yellow character c – class demon furnace fire chemical.However, after three years of precipitation, Huang Ting has been the giant spirit of god body cultivation into the realm, can incarnate 33 zhang high.Body power is terrible beyond compare, anyway, The Huang Ting perception, even if it is a lian demon grotto lian demon wei, he can punch.But the specific level of huang Ting is not clear. In addition, in the past three years, I have swallowed enough Dan medicine and cultivated various strange skills, and even the magic power has been fully increased to 301 years.Huang Ting knew that it was time to find an opportunity to go to the Forest of Fire tablets test.But before you go, Huang Ting do a little preparation, 20 packages of mai Dan, 20 packages of yiqi Dan, 20 packages of blood gas Dan, 20 packages of fire Lingdan…Lin Lin also refining the devil Cave Dan tang output for a few years.After all, this time to go to the Forest of Fire tablets, in addition to testing their own combat effectiveness, another task is to devour several different fire, the Red Emperor burn formula further.During the day, Huang Still works methodically.Fire chemical rest room, several fire chemical are discussing.These years, Huang Ting is also an old man, and because during swallowing some of the princes qi yun, general qi seeds, Huang Ting is very lucky, in the burning of bones, picked up a lot of leakage, contribution has more than 5,000 points.Authority has been and level one lian demon wei equivalent, although Huang Ting did not specifically disclose, but they still vaguely know, Huang Ting is a master of the third class lian demon furnace, especially get the ministry of high arch adults with special respect.See Huang Ting come in, a few fire chemical initiative to give up the position.”Brother Ting, come and sit here.”Huangting nodded his head, indeed he had been an old man, this is his due position: “what are you just discussing?””Brother Tingle, it is so.Speaking of and you are quite a source of origin, three years ago that a batch of third-class lian demon wei, because of that a congenital Vulcan event.The department of beheaded by the parties inside the focus of attention and training.””In the past three years, that batch of lian demon wei, as expected there were several talented seedlings.Especially that one is considered the most likely to become a level lian demon wei Yan Shao, in just three years, has broken through the three, is now a six product of the martial arts.”Six products of the martial arts, but it has been to the physical realm of practice, has the ability to surrender the fire.””It is certain that Yan Shao is such a genius, but I don’t know how many he can defeat this time.”Several fire chemical eyes are all admiration and worship, as long as the surrender of the different fire, become a level of smelting demon wei, it can become the core force of the bewitched division, the future is unlimited.”Unfortunately, we mortals are not even qualified to enter the forest of Fire.I really want to see yan Shao surrender to the glory of the fire!”Listening to the praise and envy of Yan Shao, Huang Ting heart without a trace of fluctuation, three years of breakthrough in the three, the achievement of six products is very powerful?Huang Ting does not even need to use the giant spirit god body, a fist can crush it, as for the acceptance of different fire, but also can have their own preparation?After completing the task of refining the demon in the afternoon, such as the night, Huang Ting through the days of cloth quietly came to the mountain is located in refining the demon peak.Beheaded division of the four secret fire forest of steles!As a result of having equal one level lian demon wei’s authority, Huang Ting very easily entered them.Walk among them, huang Ting is shocked by the scene at the moment.The whole Forest of Fire tablets in the valley, from top to bottom a hundred and eight stone tablets made of black gold sand granite.On the front of the stone tablet, which is thirty feet high, there are grooves of flame pattern, and on the grooves there are different flames burning.The common steps of lian demon wei to accept different fire is to release their own physical origin, and all kinds of different fire for mutual perception.The higher the constitution, the higher the fire talent, the more likely you are to get a different fire master.Huang Ting is naturally already very fully prepared, red Emperor burn formula operation, began to release these years of their own accumulation.”Boom!”Amazing scene appeared, 108 different fire, in the Yellow court released the red emperor burn formula and giant spirit god body, all crazy burning up.On each stone tablet, are released a dazzling flame pattern.”It’s not that it’s very difficult to impress them.”Huang Ting before but did not ask less, just why he walked in, these different fire a cat like estrus, not violent, poor to rub his body.Huangting did not move a step, the different fire on the stone, vie for fear after the performance up.”It is said that ordinary genius can move the first 36 stele, and only the pride of heaven, who is rarely seen for decades, can walk into the 72 stele. As for the 108 stele, it has not appeared for more than a hundred years.”Huang Ting looked at the eyes, from the front to the back, from the inside to the outside, each stone tablets are pleasing to themselves, want to enter their own body of hunger and thirst appearance, meditation up.”Between different fire and lian demon wei is a two-way choice, talented people can indeed move a number of different fire, but really can enter the body to devour only one or two, too confused but will be burned.Which ones do I choose?”Huang Ting began to think, after all, bite off more than chew, these different fire only a kind has been extremely violent, if several different fire fusion with each other, under the mutual exclusion, produce hot, the body is not good direct collapse, into ash fly.After a while, Huang Ting began to walk directly to the interior of the valley.Soon after the first thirty-six tablets, thirty-six different fire disappointed convergence into the dent.It is the different fire of countless lian demon wei, which is abandoned by Huang Ting as garbage.Huangting step non-stop, and through seventy-two stele, these different fire is withered down.How many years, these different fire toe high and high, choosing the lian demon wei, at the moment as if the princess in the room, a disappointed failed.Finally, Huang Ting walked to the depths, at least four products of the body just dare to step here, looking at the volume of a lot of stone tablets obviously large.Huangting light smiled 1, every take a step, the flesh increases one zhang, be a man to be bigger than you!Step by step, step by step, the entrance of a Dan medicine, careful never sail.Soon, Huang Ting came to the last three stone tablets in front of the whole body has come to 33 zhang high.Huang Ting stretched out his palm and placed it in front of the stone tablet.The three strongest different fire in the Forest of Fire tablets: one hundred and sixth: greedy fire, known as the fire of five desires, can peel color, sound, fragrance, taste, touch, contaminated into the living dead.107: Chen fire, burning under, can make people angry, extreme anger under the heart and death.108th way: crazy fire, also known as no clear fire, under the fire, can make opponents become stupid, Lingtai dust.Even on the three, refining god of the three products wufu are likely to be its pollution, fell seriously.These three fires have been untouched for hundreds of years.And at the moment, huang Ting’s huge palm stretched to the stela, red emperor burn the day to run, like the words of heaven, light spit out: go with me!3 horrible different fire already can’t resist, clever drill into the palm of huang Ting.Under the red Emperor’s burning formula, Huang Ting turned three fires of greed, anger and delusion into one black, one white and one colorless, and three flames entered the body along the meridians.Countless Dan medicine to protect the body, after a wick incense, red Emperor burn day formula second layer is successful.Three different fires that have not been born in the past hundred years are chosen today.”Boom!Greed, hatred and delusion three stone tablets, after losing the fire, have collapsed!Huge crack of the sound, the whole division of cutting the high – level demon are alarmed.(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Boys’ fiction Research Institute, xiaobian continue to recommend wonderful novels for you!