Wangcheng District Gaotangling Street: Party construction leads to gather people to rule and share the new home

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Grid workers in Xiangling community are guiding residents to properly sort garbage.Fan Yuanzhi perturbation Xie Lu Hope this city Gao Tang hill street is the administrative center, this is also the old clusters, jurisdiction permanent population 132000 people, the floating population of more than 20000 people, both the urban community, there are agricultural village (community), personnel background, professional each are not identical, appeal is varied, how to put the “family” management, unity, good,Is a problem facing the streets.Adhere to the party lead the streets, continuously strengthen the organization foundation, the party’s leadership in the whole process of social governance, the whole field, continuously improve the grid management system and innovative reception work, such as the handling of complaint reporting to regional party building as a whole the resource, the demands of the masses been listening, difficult questions someone, someone tube.The government has worked hard to reach the “last meter” of serving the people, and the people have responded by participating in social governance, forming a new pattern of social governance featuring the guidance of Party building, diversified consultation, joint governance and shared benefits.Blow “Lei Feng whistle”, weave close “service net” walk in the courtyard of xiangling community of high tang Ling street, corridor, residents pleasantly surprised to discover, once visible “psoriasis” small advertisement already hard to see a sign, clean metope lets a person feel very relaxed.”All these changes are thanks to ‘grid’ and ‘Lei Feng Shao’.”Party secretary Yang, xiang ling community grid member will “psoriasis” posted “lei feng shao” platform, community, property management “should be whistle” quickly, using the method of snookering, on the one hand, to strengthen inspection, keep clear of in time, on the other hand, in the village right position set up for the convenience of post bar, public information bar, clear for small advertising such as sewers, unlock a “home”,We will effectively solve the “old and difficult” problems.In accordance with the principle of “overall planning of a game of chess, three-level secretary in charge, and linkage of five forces”, Gaotangling Sub-district has improved the four-level grid structure of “Street Party Working Committee + community Party (general) branch + community Party branch + building Party Group”, and selected excellent candidates for three-level grid leader with “1+1+1+N” as the standard.Each level 3 grid shall be equipped with 1 level 3 grid supervisor, 1 grid instructor, 1 full-time and part-time grid member and multiple grid volunteers.Therefore, 23 second-level grid length, 137 third-level grid length, 766 fourth-level grid length, and more than 1300 grid personnel of all kinds are active in every corner of streets, communities, communities and buildings, weaving a management network of “horizontal to the edge, vertical to the end and combination of strips and blocks”.On this basis, in all the streets spread “hotline report + grid, whistled +” work, relying on hope city development “lei feng shao” network platform, promote resource sink, service moved forward, in order to “blow his whistle” reflects the demands of the masses, a rally, “report” leading the department response, solve the problem of crowd trouble sorrow look forward to, the service tentacles extend to the smallest unit at the grass-roots level.In the past three months, the streets and grids have blown a total of 546 “Lei Feng whistle”, solving more than 400 problems, promoting the rectification of a number of problems such as the water area of The Forest Sea community, the corridor of zhengrong Wealth Center, and the infrastructure of the community without management, making the people feel real changes.A “net” covers all aspects of the jurisdiction and people’s livelihood;Many “grid”, realize responsibility to people, eliminate management blind area.From solving sewage overflow to resolving neighborhood disputes, from corridor sanitation cleaning to policy publicity into the network, now in Gaotangling, residents basically achieve “small things do not go out of the building, big things do not go out of the grid”, happiness index has been improved at home.”The abandoned substation at the gate of the community covers an area of nearly 30 square meters, which not only blocks the road, but also affects the establishment of signs. We hope relevant departments can remove it.”In 2021 wangfu road community a party building joint meeting, district Jingcheng Yuyuan community Party branch secretary Liu Yongxiang put forward a problem, and the construction unit Wangcheng City power supply company party building related person in charge of the spot, said responsible for solving.After the meeting, the company quickly visited the site to evaluate, rearranged the wiring and dismantled the substation.The land was vacated, and the landscape stone stood up. It was easier for relatives and friends of residents to visit and find the door of the community. We applauded.”Community party branch every half a year held a party building contact meeting, the community party branch is held every month, community party branch, developers, property, district directly supporting departments, district to build units, grid long, resident representatives together, put forward problems, find the cause, demarcated responsibility, promote solution.”Wang Fu Road community party general branch secretary, director of the neighborhood committee Wang Sweet jia introduced, the community and the area of the unit to carry out a wide pair of construction, as a whole the strength of the residents service.Through the joint construction with postal savings Bank, tips on preventing financial fraud to help residents protect their “money bags”;Through the joint construction with Zhengrong business district, various cultural and sports activities in the community have a venue;Through the joint construction with the District Public Security Bureau, the community police room was built. From now on, the residents of 13 communities have “police stations” on their doorsteps, and the public security service has benefited nearly 20,000 people.In fact, high tangling street and the area of the village (community) held a regular party building joint conference every year, through the regional party building way, fully mobilize the resources of the whole area, for the masses to do practical matters, solve the problem.Leifeng Road community General Party Branch and the district center for Disease control and prevention, district Environmental Protection Bureau, district Disabled persons federation and other 26 units in the district signed a joint construction agreement, the establishment of medical care, environmental protection publicity, disabled people’s assistance and other 120 joint construction projects, to fully meet the needs of residents.Party relying on lily lake, the lake community landscape Minneapolis community such as lei feng station, through the party association and party-masses forums such as the carrier, collect residents of living environment for people, property management, opinions and Suggestions in aspects of environmental health, and to carry out, the classification of single, supervise and urge the rectification, ensure that the masses of problems “both have landing, everything have echo”…11 city community party organization according to the statistics, the street party organization with 103 jurisdictions unit pairing to build, build contract in 76, establish the project more than 240, covering medical treatment, health, pension and assistive support, and other fields, real ZhuQu units of “good resources” into “good move” to serve the masses.At 3 PM on December 22, 2021, Wen Qi-mei, a villager in Baifutang community, came to the government affairs Service hall of Gaotangling Street, saying that she had a problem and wanted to find the street leaders to coordinate and solve it.The hall staff immediately and warmly led her to the street letters and visits reception room.Zhou Zhixiong, a full-time receptionist in the petition studio, served her a steaming cup of tea, and inquired and registered the petition questions carefully.Originally, the villager in 2017 in the district to buy the Hopu international real estate model house, in 2018 found that the kitchen ground water, balcony tiles fall off, and the property reflected at that time has not been effectively dealt with, because there has been no check-in, the problem has not been postponed.Now, due to objective reasons, has not been able to contact real estate developers and property owners, she hopes the street can come forward to coordinate.Zhou Zhixiong immediately informed the responsible person of the relevant street office and the Baifutang community, and relevant personnel arrived within 5 minutes. After the coordination of the street and the community, the problem was quickly solved smoothly.Gaotangling has many historical problems due to the regional characteristics of the combination of rural and old city.In order to ensure timely response to the people’s various appeals, the streets have earnestly implemented the “five guarantees and one” responsibility system of party and government leaders, and effectively solved the prominent problems that the people strongly complain about.A reception room for letters and visits shall be set up, with special working forces, the system of on-duty leaders shall be implemented, and the procedures for handling letters and visits shall be standardized.A special office, a cup of hot tea, a full-time receptionist, let the visitors feel at ease.We have implemented the responsibility system for handling public complaints and visits.After receiving letters and visits, the staff after the study and judgment, inform the responsible person of the relevant street office line and the village (community) cadres involved, in principle, the street cadres and the village community cadres of the south area which is closer to the street office must be present within 10 minutes, the village community cadres of the north area which is far away must be present within 20 minutes.Meeting office visit can not overtime, can not shirk, and the first time to receive visit is which cadre, the cadre must be responsible in the end, until the problem is completely solved, in one fell swoop the masses petition “today looking for this cadre, tomorrow looking for that cadre” people’s livelihood maladies.In accordance with “general problems, the receiving leader shall take the lead and be responsible for defining the handling unit, measures and time limit;Difficult problems by the receiving leadership to understand the full facts of the situation, submitted to the street party and government leadership group meeting collective research “, the street has successfully resolved a number of letters and visits accumulated cases.