Wang Yanqing inspects and guides the Spring Festival security work

2022-06-09 0 By

On January 31, deputy mayor, city public security bureau director wang emphasized during inspection guide the security work during the Spring Festival, the city’s public security organs at all levels to further enhance the political stance, make overall safety management and epidemic prevention and control, in-depth to carry out the “six prevention to promote” work, to create a safe for people to celebrate the festival of harmonious and stable social security environment.In the traffic police detachment on duty, Wang Yanqing extended New Year’s greetings to everyone and told the police to do a good job in keeping out the cold and epidemic protection.She pointed out that the crowd celebrated the festival and the police stood guard.Every holiday, traffic flow, large flow of people, to ensure smooth, safety, accident prevention task will be more onerous.Especially during the Spring Festival this year, when the Winter Olympics were held, the traffic police department of the city should coordinate the prevention and control of air pollution and the epidemic according to the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government and the higher level public security organs.For the Spring Festival holiday, we will take targeted measures, focusing on traffic safety management in rural areas. We will strictly investigate and punish drunk driving, drunk driving, overloading, overcrowding and other serious violations of the law. We will promptly dispatch police to ease road congestion, improve the efficiency of accident handling, and make every effort to create a safe and smooth traffic environment for the people during the holiday.In the supervision detachment and the law enforcement and case Handling center of Hualong District Branch, Wang Yanqing expressed condolences to the supervision police and auxiliary police in the situation of epidemic prevention and control through the video phone system of the supervision detachment, and listened to the current detention quantity, post rotation operation, duty preparation and logistics support of the case handling center in the whole city.She pointed out that since the launch of COVID-19 prevention and control work, the supervision police and auxiliary police have been overloaded for years, and have made great efforts and outstanding contributions to public security supervision.The more the Chinese New Year, the more prone to emotional fluctuations of the supervised objects, I hope the city’s public security supervision police continue to carry forward the excellent work style, strict work details, strict work discipline, to ensure the absolute safety of the prison.At 20 o ‘clock in the evening, Wang Yanqing came to Longcheng Square to inspect the setting of the entrance and exit of the square and the distribution of police force, put forward suggestions and suggestions on how to set up the entrance and exit in the circle, prevent congestion and tramping, clean up the operation of the road and other issues, and put forward clear requirements on the solid public safety management of key parts.She pointed out that during the Spring Festival, longcheng Square is crowded with people, which is prone to safety accidents. Hualong District Branch should strengthen communication and cooperation with urban management, market supervision, sub-district offices and other departments, distinguish responsibilities and tasks, and work together to manage the square safety well.Scientifically set up entrances and exits, do a good job of reminding people of the direction of flow, form a good circular loop, and strictly prevent congestion.Traffic police should do their best to do a good job in the traffic management of plazas, scenic spots, shopping malls and other easy congestion sections, and do their best to ensure smooth, safe.At the same time, the auxiliary police on duty should enforce the law in a civilized manner, do a good job of self-protection, and establish a good image of the police.City public security bureau police order department, political department, logistics security department responsible comrades to participate in the inspection.