Goodbye Durant!Goodbye Owen!Let you go, not a stranger, just as a dream

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In recent years, if NBA teams want to win, the big two is the basic configuration.But is it true that the big guys add up to win?Not really.The Heat didn’t do that in James’ first year, but won two titles in a row the next two years.Teams with more giants need someone to step up and make sacrifices.Of the Heat’s big three, Wade gave up the ball, played off the ball and cut, and Bosh was a spacer forward.The titans aren’t as effective as they could be playing together if they don’t make adjustments among themselves.If there’s a true big three in the league right now, it’s the Nets.Goodbye Durant!Goodbye Owen!Let you go, not a stranger, just as a dream.There are similarities and differences between the Nets’ big three and the Heat’s big three.The Nets’ big three first combined Kyrie and Kevin Durant, then traded for Harden.The Heat’s big three came together directly, with mutual understanding and deep friendship.Nets are more like a patchwork of giants, lineup configuration is not very reasonable.Double backcourt plus front court is a no-no in itself, which means the ball is not distributed enough.Harden and Irving are both ball-handling players that are inherently incompatible.More importantly, the Nets frequently affect the team’s off-court incidents, this is the fundamental blow to the confidence of the players.That’s what a team fears most. Losing only amplifies the dissonance.Harden was the first of the Nets’ big three to show his emotions, as evidenced by his body language.We can understand harden. Harden wants to win a championship.Harden fell out with the Rockets to fulfill his dream of winning a championship.Unfortunately, in his first season with the Nets, the team had a lot of injuries, and Harden himself was used so much by Nash that he suffered the worst injury of his career.We thought we would be able to play this season, but things off the court like Irving hurt the team.Harden was a little frustrated, too, with the team in such a difficult situation.According to the disclosure, the Nets are currently open to a harden trade.In fact, before the official release of these news, Harden had been rumored to leave the team, but now it has been brought forward.Once the Harden trade is done, it’s time to say goodbye to Durant, and goodbye to Irving.In some ways, Harden is the third wheel, the last player to arrive.The Nets would be better off letting Harden go right now, because they’re not in the same league.Irving and Durant have championships in their hands and don’t have much need to win.Everyone can win the championship will take, can not win the championship will not force, after all, these do not affect their money.Consider it a dream for Harden, who is now the player who most wants to compete for a championship.Harden himself knows that with the way he’s playing and the way his body has been in the last two years, his peak won’t last long and he has to win a championship before his form dips.Harden’s most likely move would be to Philadelphia, which has been linked to the NBA in the past.Of course, Harden is going to a championship-caliber team, which means he’s going to a team with a Titan of its own, like Philadelphia’s Embiid.That means Harden has to accept the role of no. 2 and make adjustments.