A young man who was abducted 30 years ago and spent 17 years searching for his family alone will be reunited with his parents today

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It’s like a cycle of fate.Zhou Tianpeng was abducted at the age of three from his home in Yongchuan, Chongqing, in February 1992, the same month he returned home 30 years later.On February 5, the 33-year-old will meet his birth parents.He has been secretly searching for his relatives for 17 years.Distant memory the memory of 30 years ago Zhou Tianpeng has been very fuzzy, how to be abducted he can not be sure.”Maybe it’s the sugar!”Zhou tianpeng said he always had a scene in his mind, a woman wrapped in a headscarf, gave him sugar to eat, after which he could not remember the rest of the story, the recurring picture is a green train, he finally arrived in Dengfeng, Henan Daye town.He remembers a little more about home than how he was abducted.An adobe house, an earthen pot with a hole in it, an egg he always took from the hole, and a broken boat…But where he comes from, Zhou Tianpeng has no memory.Zhou Tianpeng’s adoptive father is single.When Zhou tianpeng was six or seven years old, he felt that his adoptive father was not his real father because the two men looked nothing alike.Later Zhou Tianpeng heard the village gossip that he was bought, he went to ask his adoptive father his origin.Like many parents, his adoptive father told him he found it in the trash.As he grew older, at 16, Zhou tianpeng confirmed that he was not his adoptive father’s biological son.”Not only are they different in appearance, they are also different in personality.”Zhou tianpeng said his adoptive father was slow, and he himself was quick-tempered, and the two often quarreled.And the neighbor’s aunt told him that he was indeed bought by his adoptive father.Childhood was not easy for Zhou Tianpeng.Foster father often go out, no one at home to cook, hungry a full meal.The work at home, the work in the field, he did a lot, compared with his peers to eat more bitter.In the village, he was often bullied.Zhou Tianpeng believes that he suffered these, because his biological parents are not around.”Many people in the village say I’m from Sichuan.”When He was 16, Mr. Zhou said, he visited the village leader’s home and overheard the leader say that he was from nearby Sichuan province and had been abducted to Henan by a human trafficker.And the captain encouraged him to find his birth parents.Zhou Tianpeng said, because the temper and foster father do not deal with, so he did not dare to clearly mention with the foster father looking for biological parents, but secretly began their own family planning.At the age of 16, Zhou Tianpeng began to work everywhere, as a miner, waiter, cook, car washer, welder…Henan, Beijing, Jiangsu, Hebei, no matter where he works, he always pay attention to all kinds of information, hoping to find his biological parents.Zhou tianpeng said that while working in a local coal mine, he also got to know a lot of sichuan miners. He asked his fellow workers if they had ever heard of anyone who had lost a child, but to no avail.When he saw the notice on the wire pole, he would stop. When he saw the person in the street, he would ask if the stranger in front of him was his father and mother.”At that time, there was no Internet, so we didn’t know much about people’s search information and how to publish it.”Zhou Tianpeng said that for more than ten years, the idea of looking for his relatives has not broken, and then the network developed, he began to pay attention to the information of looking for their relatives on the Internet, but still did not find clues related to their birth history.In 2015, my adoptive father died.Misfortune in the home, the life is not right also, Zhou Tianpeng feels so big heaven and earth does not have his foothold, he thought of suicide even, but a dream called him back from the edge of collapse.Zhou tianpeng said he was working in Xinmi at the time, and just as he was discouraged, he dreamed of a voice saying, “Where are you, my son? My mother is waiting for you.”It was because of the voice in his dream that he became more determined to tide over the difficulties and find his parents.There is light at last in the search for the family.In 2021, Zhou Tianpeng recognized his godmother while working, and saw a video of a girl looking for her brother on a short video platform. The girl said that her physical features and appearance were similar to Zhou Tianpeng’s.Zhou Tianpeng made contact with the girl, although they eventually found that neither of them was the right person, but the girl told Zhou that the best way to successfully search for relatives is to contact volunteers, and then collect blood to establish a file, and the DNA data left by the family to compare.In August 2021, Zhou tianpeng took a blood sample and waited for nearly a month, but it was not matched with the information in the DNA database.A volunteer then told him that DNA analysis could also be used to do a comparison called a “Y-bank” to determine roughly where he came from.On January 28 this year, with the help of the police, he found out that he was from Fendian village, Xianlong Town, Yongchuan, Chongqing.Yang Yi, who helped Zhou Tianpeng complete the last step of finding a home, is a native of Yongchuan. Last August, Zhou Tianpeng posted his search information online, Yang Yi began to pay attention to.”Xianlongzhen is next door to my house.”Yang yi told Jimu news that when she learned that Zhou’s hometown was Xianlong, she posted the information to various local wechat groups and asked netizens to forward it.Zhou’s cousin in Yongchuan saw the message, and zhou contacted his family.The unspoken “Mom” “It smells like home.”On February 4, Zhou tianpeng arrived in Yongchuan, Chongqing from Hebei Province.In a taxi, he rolled down the window and breathed in his hometown air.Although the spicy Chongqing food makes Zhou stick his tongue out, he is excited about the taste after 30 years.Zhou tianpeng told Jimei news that he finally found his home on January 30, just before New Year’s Eve, when the RESULTS of DNA comparison between his parents and him came out.That night he could not sleep, and on New Year’s Eve he slept only two hours.”Too excited to sleep.”Zhou Tianpeng also called his parents.When he was on the phone with his mother, he wanted to say “Mom,” but as soon as the word “mom” came out, he couldn’t say anything else.At the other end of the phone, my mother was sobbing.”All the words can only be said when we meet…”Zhou tianpeng said he and his parents were too crying to speak on the phone, and he was satisfied that they were in good health.Later, his cousin told him that the family had specially bought a new bed, new quilts, and prepared a banquet for him.”I’m finally home…”Zhou tianpeng said that after thinking about it for so many years, he just wanted to return to his birth parents as soon as possible.On February 5, he will return to his hometown to reunite with his parents after 30 years of separation.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.