A man was forced to smuggle himself into Cambodia and become a ‘blood slave’ after believing false information on a local Internet

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The case of a man who was forced by a criminal gang to smuggle himself into Cambodia and become a “blood slave” after believing in a fake job advertisement posted on a local Internet has sparked concern.The victim, Li Yaming (pseudonym), who had worked as a security guard in Shenzhen and Beijing, believed a job Posting on 58.com and traveled from Beijing to Guangxi. She was taken to the border in Pingxiang, Guangxi province, where she was pulled into a car by two men and forced to leave the country at gunpoint.It was then sent to West Port, Cambodia.He was resold three times in Cambodia for $18,500 to an Internet investment fraud firm in Chinatown because he didn’t want to commit telecom fraud and insisted he didn’t want to be a pig-slaying perpetrator.Refusing to cooperate, and with Li’s valuable type O, the company began pumping his blood to squeeze every last bit of value out of him.According to Li Yamin’s recollection, he would come to have his blood drawn almost every other month, with two bottles of blood each time (one bottle was about 350 ml). During this period, his blood was drawn seven times in total, and the last one was drawn on my forehead because he could not draw blood from my body.Li Yaming escaped by chance and was sent to the First Hospital of China and Cambodia for help from volunteers. When he was sent to the hospital, his whole body was extremely swollen and severely ischemic except for his head. It was difficult for the nurses to find his blood vessels.After receiving 2,800 milliliters of blood transfusion at the hospital, Li passed the critical phase. After several days in hospital, li said he had gradually recovered and was usually cared for by volunteers, but his voice still sounded weak.On February 16, the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia responded: “With the support of the Chinese Embassy, the Police of Sihanoukville province in Cambodia have officially registered a case on the case. The police of China and Cambodia are cooperating with each other to solve the case as soon as possible.58.com responded to the incident on Feb 17, saying it had not found any recruitment information posted by the corresponding company.The case is still under investigation.This incident alerted a lot of people, first do not because of their own desires and credulous high salary recruitment ads, there is no free lunch, if you want to find a job abroad, we must go through the formal way.In the domestic such as the company in Guangxi or Yunnan these places, we must carefully confirm whether the position of the company is close to the Chinese border, and identify whether the company is regular, can be checked through the enterprise or the eye of the inquiry, if you can not find most of the company or fraud group.Second, even if acquaintances introduce high-paying jobs, we must be careful, many MLM organizations are starting from acquaintances.Last visit abroad also need to be careful not to go to dangerous places, some time ago trill, added “welcome to northern Burma, where I grew up, my dear little princess,” the voice, let a lot of girls in northern myanmar yearning, really northern Burma, however, is filled with all sorts of dangers, it is a drug, fraud gang, there will be no return once to sink in.