What are the five quatrains about Mid-Autumn Festival?

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The five words about the Mid-Autumn festival quatrains are: “Silent night thinking” the bed before the moonlight, suspected frost on the ground.Looking up the bright moon, lower the head to think of home.”Mid Autumn Moon” round spirit on the cold air, all the same.A thousand miles away, there is no rain and wind.”Autumn night moon with bosom” autumn sky moon hanging, luster dew wet.Magpie habitat, flying fireflies into the curtain.Courtyard huai cold shadow sparse, adjacent pestle night sound urgent.What is the prime time, looking at the empty stand.”Moonlight” tonight 鄜 state month, boudoir only see alone.Remote pity small children, not recall chang ‘an.Sweet mist cloud girl wet, qinghui jade arm cold.When lean virtual porporo, double as dry tears.”Full Moon bosom far” the sea born bright moon, the end of the world at this time.Lovers hate night, unexpectedly from the night of acacia.Extinguish candle flow light is full, put on clothes feel dew.Unbearable hand gift, but also sleep dream.The Mid-Autumn Festival (alias: Zhongqiu, Qiuxi, August Festival, August half, English name: Midautumn Festival) also known as offering to the moon Festival, moonlight Festival, Moon Festival, Autumn Festival, Zhongqiu Festival, worship on the moon Festival, moon niang Festival, moon Festival, reunion Festival, etc., is one of the four traditional Festivals in China, the date in the August 15th of the lunar calendar.The Mid-Autumn Festival originated in ancient times, spread to the Han Dynasty, formed in the early Tang Dynasty, popular after the Song Dynasty.The Mid-Autumn Festival is a kind of comprehensive autumn custom, which contains festival custom factors, many ancient origins.The Mid-Autumn Festival to the full moon to express people’s reunion, to miss the home of the place, miss relatives, hope to harvest, happiness, become a rich and colorful, precious cultural heritage, since ancient times, the Mid-Autumn Festival has been offering, appreciating the moon, eating moon cakes, playing lanterns, osmanthus flowers, drink osmanthus wine and other folk customs, spread to the present, has a long history.With the Spring Festival, ching Ming festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn festival known as China’s four big traditional holiday, influenced by Chinese culture, the Mid-Autumn festival is also in east Asia and southeast Asia countries, especially the local overseas Chinese traditional festival, on May 20, 2006, the State Council will it as a first batch of state-level non-material cultural heritage list, since 2008, the Mid-Autumn festival is listed as a national legal holiday.