“Tiger” flavor full lunar New Year!

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This year, many people in Hangzhou choose to stay in Hangzhou for the Spring Festival.So, what are the fun things to do during Chinese New Year?The good news is that Hangzhou Zoo (Children’s Park) has prepared a rich and colorful festival culture and sightseeing experience for the staff, citizens and tourists in Hangzhou, inviting everyone to stay in Hangzhou and enjoy a comfortable, happy and happy Spring Festival.The year 2022 is the Year of tiger in the Lunar calendar, hangzhou Zoo (Children’s Park) Tiger Mountain Exhibition area is one of the hot spots in Hangzhou, located at the top of the zoo, there are mountains and water, rich vegetation, is worthy of the “King of beasts” mansion.At present, there are Siberian tigers and albino Bengal tigers living in the Tiger Mountain of Hangzhou Zoo. As the saying goes, “Two tigers are not allowed in one mountain”, so the keepers have to let them take turns in the playground for activities.The two Siberian tigers, named “Big Tiger” and “Little Tiger”, arrived at the Hangzhou Zoo in April 2017. The big tiger is about six years old, while the little tiger is two months younger.In order to give the King of beasts a perfect sense of zodiac atmosphere, this year’s childminders painstakingly dressed up.The luxurious perch bed, which can lie or jump, caters to the living habits of king Tiger.The new wooden pile is a new toy made by the nurses who make full use of the garden waste in the park.If you come to the zoo to see tigers during the Spring Festival, you can see them lying in their “new home”.Hangzhou zoo staff introduction, the zoo launched a special “New Year of tiger culture month series of activities” : in the popular science center exhibition hall, full of tiger said tiger popular science knowledge exhibition, illustrated tiger classification, evolution, ecological habits and tiger in Chinese traditional culture and the application of significance and other aspects.The tiger ecology film in the lecture hall will also be shown irregularly during the Spring Festival.In the Tiger Mountain exhibition area, we will launch the science popularization trolley volunteer service, and the science popularization teachers will interact with the children and share the interesting knowledge of the tiger on the spot. Tourists will be able to appreciate the various models of the tiger, and have a feast of eyes while understanding the science popularization knowledge.Visitors who enter the park during the Spring Festival can also receive a blessing gift package for the Year of the Tiger, and participate in interactive activities such as tiger rubbing, paper cutting, Spring Festival couplets and writing “fu”. Friends of all ages are welcome to visit the zoo and learn about the tiger.After comprehensive renovation, the children’s park has been very popular since it reopened in August last year.During the Spring Festival, the sun Square with broad vision and bright colors will also have activities such as Praying for the New Year, arrival of the New Year, ringing in the New Year, and New Year gifts.The homes of the zoo’s adorable red pandas, meerkats and fenicle foxes are also spruced up for the New Year.However, when playing, remember not to feed, overeating will harm the health of animal friends!