Personal customization!Let the flight attendants get a good night’s sleep

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“Wow!We’ve got new beds! ‘”I heard it was custom-made for us!””I’ve already tried it, and it’s super comfortable!”How to give up by a crew of sweet sleep a good sleep to enhance staff’s happiness and sense of belonging this unit provide an answer to the warm heart capsule wooden bed, help worker is easy to sleep jinan bureau of China railway group co., LTD. Qingdao passenger traffic section were the class room for nearly 60 provide service team of more than 200 employees, flight attendants will be relieved here to rest, sometimes two or three hours,As long as seven or eight hours.The comfort of the bed is especially important in order to ensure that the flight attendants are fully rested before departure.According to the characteristics of the high-speed railway crew, the Qingdao passenger section tailor-made wooden composite beds for them, so that each crew member can have a good sleep before departure.Due to the iron bed frame on and off the bed sound is loud, and there is a slight shaking problem, this time in Qingdao passenger transport section specially selected wooden combination bed, in addition to strengthen the bed stability and sound insulation, mute effect has been significantly improved.Each bed is equipped with curtains with good light protection effect to create private and comfortable sleeping space for the crew.The bed adopts upper and lower combination type, considering the safety of upper and lower beds, the frame is equipped with beautiful safety handrails, and the upper bunk bed is raised with safety guardrail. The details highlight the design concept of “safety first”.All 56 wooden beds have been installed, and crew members have praised the service.Camping car is the resting place for the crew of the ordinary speed train. The upper berth is relatively quiet, but there are some problems such as narrow space and difficult placing of clothes and personal belongings. Qingdao passenger section has specially designed a rack suitable for the special space of the camping car, which is called the “magic device” of the camping car by the staff.The rack is made of stainless steel and welded with straight strips at the joints to ensure that it is firm and portable.The installation position is just stuck on both sides of the shop, which is safe and beautiful without sharp edges and corners. The design of storing objects and hanging clothes solves the problem of space utilization.At present, the rack has been put into use in 14 general speed teams and 66 teams.A 50 cm long and 40 cm wide tray table was installed between the two lower bunks to facilitate the cabin crew to place personal belongings.Seemingly ordinary tray tables are “unique” in design.Grooves are arranged on both sides of the table to facilitate the placement of mattresses on the board;The back of the table is equipped with two wooden slats, which can be firmly stuck between the two lower shops;The lower part of the table is also designed with a hollow handle, which is convenient for flight attendants to carry;The lower part of the handle is marked with the “number” of each tray table, which is convenient for the team to manage and use.To facilitate female workers to rest, protect personal privacy, they also purchased a batch of bed curtain, so that all on the road value of female workers sleep worry-free, the camping car will be built as a “mobile home”.The staff said that the little drops of the camping car is related to the quality of life of our crew, these “artifact”, convenient for our life, praise!– Chen Ya, crew member of Qingjing 23, is no longer afraid of lighting and turning over since she has a custom-made wooden bed.– Wang Ting, crew member of Qingjing Group 27, warm and cozy, feel like home, starting from the waiting room to start a full day!Do you have any tips for improving your sleeping environment on the train?Waiting for you in the comments section!Contribution: Shandong reporter station of People’s Railway Newspaper Co., LTD. (Finance media Center of Jinan Bureau Group Company), Qingdao passenger section of Rong Media Studio text: Jiang Yu, Yang Yu Tian yan smile source: People’s Railway network statement: reprint this article for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: