Chen Yin SPENT valentine’s Day at home, feeling full of ceremony, was sent flowers by “4 lovers” spoilt

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On February 15, Chen Yini celebrated Valentine’s Day on the social media platform the day before, as well as her family of five.He also received flowers and a card from 4 Lover.The ceremony is full.As this Valentine’s Day that day, Chen Yinxi also deliberately dressed, chemical refined makeup, wearing a red dress, step on high heels, pretend to be like a restaurant to eat, do ritual full of.This is a really good state, both value and body are online, you don’t see the mother of three children.After eating Valentine’s Day, the most important part is of course the gifts.Chen Yinini received four gifts, can be said to be a busy, not only has the love of her husband, but also the love of three children.This happiness is only jealousy.The three children took turns sending flowers and greetings to my mother.The eldest son, Chen Yu, 8, is shy.I was afraid to look at the camera in front.Later on, I will wish my mother Valentine’s Day.Happy.The six-year-old’s second son, Chen Haofen, is more enthusiastic, and he’s not afraid of it.Camilla, 5, is sweet and cute and looks like her mother.This is a lovely old girl.Chen xinni and her daughter wear the same sister, the mother and the girl really have a touch.Chen Yinyi took a photo with her three children, smiling and looking super happy.Not only did the three children perform well, but they were also high quality, proper life winners.In addition to the flowers from the children, my husband’s flowers Chen Hao are more meaningful.Although Chen Hao is not talking in the video, but everything is in Chen Hao’s eyes, I can’t hide in Chen Hao’s love.And from this \ U200b \ U200b both selfies, you can see your favorite, Chen Yin’s head hit Chen Hao’s face, immersed in happiness, too sweet.Finally, of course, I won’t have a family to take Zhang Quanjiao and record this happy day.I have to say, Ho Chen is a real showbiz model couple, and