Affordable housing-related loans are not included in the concentration management, shenzhen Spring Festival only sold 1 suite

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On February 8, the People’s Bank of China and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBRC) issued a notice on the exclusion of the relevant loans of affordable rental Housing from the concentration management of real estate loans:As of the date of the issuance of this circular, the relevant loans granted by banking financial institutions to the affordable rental housing projects holding the written confirmation of affordable rental housing projects will not be included in the real estate loan concentration management.Banking financial institutions should step up support for low-income rental housing and provide financial products and services in accordance with the principles of legal compliance, controllable risks and sustainable business.2. Guizhou Province: 37,000 low-income rental housing units to be built in 2022We made solid progress in the reform of urban areas, including upgrading rundown urban areas, upgrading rundown urban areas, and upgrading 120,000 urban households. Construction began on the renovation of 213,200 old residential areas, upgrading 2,304 back streets and alleys, and adding 2,100 kilometers of underground urban pipe networks.We will accelerate the development of urban business zones, convenient living zones, pedestrian streets, cultural tourism and nighttime consumption clusters.We will promote smart urban renovation and grid management of communities.We will build 37,000 government-subsidized rental housing units.We will do a good job of stabilizing land prices, housing prices, and expectations, and promote the steady and sound development of the real estate market.3, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province: new houses and second-hand houses during the Spring Festival nearly “zero transaction” February 7, Shenzhen Real Estate Agents Association released the Spring Festival holiday period (January 31 – February 6) real estate market weekly report data:According to the Shenzhen Housing bureau public data, last week (January 31 – February 6) Shenzhen new and second-hand housing turnover (completed ownership transfer) were 0 and 1.It should be pointed out that, according to the actual transaction process, there is a time difference between entering the online signing contract and handling the transfer registration, so the above data lags slightly behind the online signing data.4, Ningbo city, Zhejiang Province: issued the “Management Measures of Jointly owned Housing” Can be traded after 10 years of real estate certificate on February 8, Ningbo will implement the “Management Measures of jointly owned Housing” on February 26:It is clear that housing with joint property rights is invested or provided with preferential policies by the government, the apartment area is limited, the scope of use is limited and the right to dispose of it is limited, and the government and the purchasing families have joint property rights by share, and the indemnificatory housing is provided to the families without houses that meet the prescribed conditions in the city.Put forward three channels to raise housing resources for construction, clarify the price and ownership, applicant examination conditions and other information, and stipulate that the joint property right of housing can be listed and transferred after 10 years of obtaining the certificate of real estate.On February 8, Suzhou High-tech Group issued the prospectus of the 11th term notes of 2021: the issuance amount of this period is 1 billion yuan, the issuance period is 3+N (3) years, and it intends to repay the bank loans of the issuer to be due.Shanghai New Century rated the issuer as AAA.On February 7, Bright Real Estate announced that it had received the Notice of acceptance of registration issued by the Dealers Association and agreed to accept the registration of ultra-short-term financing bonds.The registered amount of ultra-short-term financing bonds is 1.4 billion yuan, and the registered amount will be valid for 2 years from the date of signing this notice, and will be underwritten by China Citic Bank Co., LTD.Dynamic of business: 1, shimao group: the packaging has sold 15 shouson hill road west, Hong Kong project a 40% stake in February 8, Hong Kong media reported, packaging, chairman of shimao group has sold 15 shouson hill road west, Hong Kong project a 40% stake, and is the company owned by a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the project held by the negotiation to sell its 9 yenping road, Kowloon stake in the project.None of the properties were listed in shimao’s asset package list, the report said.According to documents published last month, Mr Hui plans to sell a 40 per cent stake in 15 Shouson Road West for HK $1.047bn to a joint venture set up by CCLAND and Capital Strategies.2, Sunshine City: affected by the downgrade of a number of corporate bonds will be suspended and adjust trading methods On February 7, Sunshine City Group issued a suspension of corporate bonds and adjust trading methods announcement:On February 6, Dongfang Jincheng downgraded the main credit rating of Yangcheng from AA to BBB, with a negative outlook, and lowered the credit rating of four bonds including “20 Yangcheng 01” from AA to BBB.According to the relevant regulations of the shenzhen stock exchange, upon application of the sunshine town, “20 activation of 01” seven branch of debts and suspension on February 8, a day, resumption of adjustment from the date of the bond transactions to only take agreement major way to trade, to maintain the original net price valuation mode, namely institutional investors only conform to the provisions of the professional investors in buying,Other investors who hold bonds can choose to sell or hold on to them.3. Jinke Shares: Shareholder Huang Sisi reduced all jinke shares and provided 120 million yuan of loan to Jinke management On February 7, Jinke announced that it had received notice from shareholder Huang Sisi that it had reduced its holdings by 45.649,400 shares through centralized bidding and bulk trading respectively in the secondary market, with a reduction ratio of 0.855%.After this reduction, Huang Si shi no longer holds jinke shares.Huang Si Shi’s reduction of jinke shares is to repay the maturing financing of financial institutions. It plans to continue to support the company in accordance with cash flow arrangements and the company’s needs in the coming year.In view of this, Huang Sishi plans to sign the Loan Contract with Chongqing Jinke Business Management Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Jinke, and provide a loan of 120 million yuan with a one-year term of loan, which can be returned as it is borrowed and recycled during the term. The annual interest rate of this loan is 10%.Huang Si Shi is a direct relative of Huang Hongyun, the actual controller of Jinke Shares, and this transaction constitutes a related transaction.On February 8, Zhongnan Land announced the personnel appointment: Chen Yuhan, general manager of Zhongnan Construction, will no longer serve as president of Zhongnan Land. He will be responsible for the operation and management of listed companies and only serve as chairman of Zhongnan Land.The president of Zhongnan Land will be replaced by Han Jie, former vice president of Zhongnan Land and President of West Zheng Region. He will lead the business of Zhongnan Land in an all-round way, manage various functional lines and regional companies and report to Chen Yuhan.In addition to personnel appointments, the organizational structure of Zhongnan Land has also undergone new changes: jiangsu and Anhui regions and Jiangsu and Shanghai regions have been merged to form Shanghai and Jiangsu regions, with Bi Xingmine as the head of the regional company;Haixi region and guangxi region merger, the establishment of south China region, by Yang Jie as the head of the regional company.5. Country Garden: Contract sales of rights and interests of 36.36 billion Yuan in January 2022 decreased by 9.8% year on year.In January 2022, the company and its subsidiaries realized the sales amount of equity contracts was about 36.36 billion yuan, and the construction area of equity contracts was about 4.62 million square meters, down 9.8% and up 1.3% year-on-year respectively.6. Sunac China: Contract sales of 27.92 billion yuan in January 2022 decreased by 20.6% year on year.In January 2022, the contract sales amount was about 27.92 billion yuan, and the contract sales area was about 2.143 million square meters, down 20.6% and 4.2% year-on-year respectively. The average contract sales price was about 13,000 yuan/square meter.7, Time China: January 2022 contract sales of 7.088 billion yuan down 14.4% on February 7, Time China announced: In January 2022, the contract sales (including sales of joint venture projects) amount of about 7.088 billion yuan, the contracted floor area of about 432,000 square meters, down 14.4% and up 2.6% on the same period.8, Ligao Group: January 2022 contract sales of 2.617 billion yuan sales area of 2962 thousand square meters on February 7, Ligao Group announced: In January 2022, the realization of contract sales of about 2.617 billion yuan, the sales area of about 2962 thousand square meters, basically flat with the previous year.9, Datang Real Estate: In January 2022 contract sales of 2.12 billion yuan sales area 206,700 square meters on February 7, Datang Group announced: In January 2022, the contract sales amount of about 2.12 billion yuan;The sales area is about 206,700 square meters;The average selling price is about 10,300 yuan per square meter.The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.The copyright of this article belongs to sohu focus all.Reprint without permission is strictly prohibited;With permission to reprint or use this article, please indicate the source.