Veteran Taiwanese entertainer Bago has died at the age of 67 with his wife and children by his side

2022-06-07 0 By

Veteran Taiwanese anchorman and actor Bago Died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 67 on Feb. 16, Taiwan media reported.His wife, Zhang Lingna, two children and two daughters were with him before his death, so to speak, he felt very relieved. His wife said in an interview that she was dealing with it and her heart ached.Bago began her career as a child star at the age of eight, appearing in several Hokkien-language films in her early years before signing a TV contract and gradually transitioning into a host.His “double Good News” program, won the Golden Bell Award for best program host, from then on also let him in the host industry completely famous.After that, he successively hosted popular variety shows such as Serial Bubble, Big Bang, Tonight, and the Golden Bell, Golden Horse, and Golden Melody awards.Ba Ge is in the home ranking fifth, when go to school main attack art work and design, after signing a contract TV station, this thought obtains golden bell award to be able from now on famous, who anticipate once was blocked by TV station, until after 1 year turn host other station program, just calculate gradually boil head.Bago gentle personality, has many friends in the circle, the most famous is Lin Jiyue’s ex-wife Xie Lingling, is also a child star of the two, early years had a lot of intersection, after this has always maintained a good relationship.Really lamenting the impermanence of the world, in fact, now 60 years old or so is a good age of life, such as Lv Liangwei looks like a young man.But as the saying goes, life is different with people. Once infected with a terminal disease, there is really no cure. Therefore, everyone should cherish the present and live every day.Also wish Bago a good journey, may there be no disease in heaven.