This Spring Festival is a bit happy.

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During the Spring Festival, Gaoping District, on the premise of strictly implementing the regulations on epidemic prevention and control, made careful planning and preparations, provided “no closing time” for cultural supplies, prepared “cultural feast” online and offline, and carried out a variety of mass cultural activities, so that the citizens could enjoy a happy and peaceful Chinese New Year.Write Spring Festival couplets, Chinese painting, send the word….Traditional cultural activities are indispensable.It is understood that on the eve of the Spring Festival, gaoping District Federation of Literary and Art, art museums and other units have launched a series of activities, in the form of “waving and welcoming the New Year” to show the thick taste of the New Year.In addition, Gaoping district also actively carried out the “association hall about writers to write” activities, invited the urban writers association on the cultural positions, cultural brands, cultural activities, cultural industry of Zouma town, Dongguan town to collect and write, for the grass-roots cultural life injected vitality and vitality.And elaborate organization characteristic folk activities, folk culture and art of the township Spring Festival tourism village was recorded video shooting, through into takatsubo area in view of the east town township and jiangling town village, jiangling dam will takatsubo characteristic activities during the Spring Festival, folk customs, food, home, etc. Through the video display, fully shows unique takatsubo custom series of traditional cultural activities to carry out the Spring Festival,It not only inherits the excellent traditional cultural spirit of the Chinese nation, creates a strong “New Year flavor”, delivers the blessing of the New Year, but also lets the masses feel the atmosphere of the New Year in advance.During the Spring Festival, a series of Spring Festival cultural activities such as artistic performances, traveling exhibition of traditional folk crafts in Sichuan and Chongqing, spring Greeting book Exhibition are emerging in an endless stream, novel and interesting.It is understood that a series of cultural activities in gaoping district financial square, Bai Ta Park, Han Square launched at the same time, so that the people share the fruits of cultural development, a rich cultural dinner, so that the citizens of friends had a full “cultural year”.Gaoping District rong Media center reporter Chen Xingying reports