The processing fee drops with the price of pork, the most affordable pre-festival sausage season came

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As the Spring Festival approaches, the demand for pickled fish and meat begins to wane, but the street enema business is booming.The reporter visited to learn that, as the retail price of pork continues to drop, the public “additional” enema will become more and more strong, ten days before the festival also ushered in the most affordable fresh enema season.”Additional” demand for enema market continued hot January 21 early in the morning, the reporter came to Hankou North lake vegetable market, enema shop at the gate is a busy scene.Carrying a big bag of pork belly, Mr. Zhu directly threw the meat to enema shop owner said: “a few days ago when the sausage irrigation are eating almost, hurriedly come over and then irrigation 50 catties.”File photo: Across the street from the wet market, a shop that has been selling enemas and cured meat for 20 years is equally busy.The owner from Chongqing said with a smile that enemas started early last year, and many people started eating them right after they had eaten them. Now, as the Chinese New Year approaches, there are a lot of people coming to the shop to “add” sausages.Subsequently, the reporter discovers a few enema shop in a farmer’s market near Hanyang 7 li temple likewise business is hot.Although it is already near noon, there are still many people with pork in line for enemas.A sausage man said that the sausages tasted good before, but this time they were for relatives.Staff introduction, although now is not the highest peak enema, but every day to the shop to process sausages or more than 300 people, a day to process 1,500kg to 2,000kg sausages.The continuous decrease of pork price leads to the emergence of “additional enema” visits. The important reason for many citizens to “additional enema” is that the recent price reduction of pork makes the cost of enema lower, and they can be processed and retained for eating in the New Year and after the New Year.In several food markets and enema shops visited, the pork belly best suited for sausage ranges from 12.8 yuan to 15 yuan per kilogram, down 4 yuan from its peak at the end of November last year, which can save dozens of yuan for enema residents.Animal husbandry experts at the Wuhan Modern Agricultural Education Center said that since the end of last year, the retail price of pork in China has been falling, and with the arrival of the New Year and Spring Festival consumption season, the supply of pork is expected to continue to increase, and cheap meat is expected to be available for a long time. Now is the most affordable season for additional sausage.There are businesses to lower the processing price to participate in “Haidilao” citizens “additional enema” enthusiasm, but also let businesses more actively participate in the year before this “enema Haidilao”.Extreme news reporters noted that there have been lower processing prices to compete.Outside an enema shop in Hanyang’s Chilimiao district, merchants have lowered the processing price from 7.5 yuan per jin to 7 yuan.”To our enema here are the old neighborhood, before the last ten days of business, a slight adjustment of the price, but also to give back to everyone.”Shop owner said, now do enema business more and more shops, many fried pork dumplings shops also began to enema, in the guarantee of taste to do a little promotion, is also sprint before the last festival enema season.In hankou, near Zhongshan Avenue, jimu news visited four enema shops, three of which maintained their usual prices, while another cut the prices of some of the most popular flavors, including Cantonese, mala and pepper and salt, by 0.5 yuan per kilogram.A staff member introduces, these flavors are also the most competitive flavors on the market, slightly reduce the processing price can fight for more customers, but also can feedback everyone: “enema has arrived at the end of the period, finally feedback everyone, but also for the back of the business foundation.”(Cao Lei, chief reporter of Chutian Metropolis Daily)