Oil prices jumped this morning, another $9 a tank of gas, the third hike this year, look how much oil prices go up

2022-06-07 0 By

Oil prices continued to rise this morning in the first adjustment since the start of the year, sending prices to a record high for February 2022 as gasoline and diesel became more expensive.Nationwide gas stations in the early morning (February 18, 0 o ‘clock) raised gasoline 210 yuan/ton, diesel 200 yuan/ton, equivalent to the liter calculation, is the increase in oil prices 0.16 yuan/liter -0.20 yuan/liter range.92 gasoline rose 0.16 yuan/liter -0.17 yuan/liter, 95 gasoline rose 0.18 yuan/liter.No.0 diesel rose +0.01 yuan/l on the basis of 92, 98 gasoline followed by -10 diesel,-20,-35 diesel up 0.18 yuan/l -0.20 yuan/l.So the higher the label, the more it goes up.Early this morning around the rise of oil prices, the latest news of oil prices xiaobian has been updated, but also please enter this number, input “region” to query the latest oil prices, or see the second article.The next oil price adjustment will take place on the evening of March 3, and we hope it will drop sharply.Everybody tell each other that gas prices jumped again this morning, and they’re more expensive.With oil prices rising again this morning, it’s the third hike of the year. As oil prices have not yet fallen this year, February’s gasoline and diesel prices have set a new high for 2022.At present, the average price of 92 gasoline has reached 7.83 yuan/liter, very close to the “8 yuan era”, the average price of 95 gasoline is 8.36 yuan/liter, even the average price of 0 diesel has risen to 7.49 yuan/liter, let alone the price of other grades of diesel.Now it’s up to oil prices to fall.Based on this morning’s spike in gas prices, a full 50-liter tank of gasoline and diesel costs about $9 more today than it did yesterday.It may not seem like much, but oil prices spiked just last month.At present, it is still in a continuous rise, rising every time, but it adds up to a lot.And for 200 liters of large trucks, filled up today and more than at least 32 yuan, or very considerable, I do not know the car friends have in the oil price forward, to fuel in advance.