No more verbal warnings!’China is not the same as before’ : Australia

2022-06-07 0 By

The relationship between China and Australia has deteriorated, and the responsibility is entirely on the Australian side. It is Australia that is willing to be a pawn of the United States and follow the Anti-China policy of the United States, which leads to the deterioration of sino-Australian relations.China will not sit idly by while Australia acts provocatively. Instead of issuing verbal warnings, China will directly launch heavy sanctions. Australian officials say That China is not the same as before.The Australian government should realize that it is Australia that pays the price for working for the United States. The Australian business community is already very dissatisfied with this and has asked the Morrison government to repair relations with China.Recently, Australian opposition leader Anthony Albanese said in an interview with the media that even if the opposition party wins the general election in the future, the change of government in Australia will hardly change the deadlock in China-Australia relations.China has changed and is no longer easy to talk about.It is worth noting that Albanese did not criticise Morrison, arguing that Australia had not changed and was becoming China, which was more “belligerent” than before.The implication is that the blame for the deterioration of Sino-Australian relations lies with China.This is obviously not consistent with the fact that It was Australia who took the initiative to provoke China and then suffered China’s counterattack.No matter who takes office in Australia, if he fails to recognize the reality and admit his mistakes, china-Australia relations will not improve.The business community is not satisfied with the political game played by politicians, but the loss of Australian business community is real, they are very dissatisfied with the government’s approach, and have asked the Morrison government to improve relations with China.This is to be expected, because of China’s countermeasures, the Australian business community is not the slightest loss, for example, the wine industry said that Australia’s wine exports to China, has been reduced from 1 billion Australian dollars to 600 million Australian dollars.Similar examples abound. Wine Australia says the Chinese market is too important to be replaced.Therefore, Australian politicians need to reflect on what they have achieved by serving the United States for so long.Some people may say that because Australia is willing to follow the United States, so the United States also decided to help Australia build nuclear submarines.Indeed, Australia is made of the nuclear submarine can get the help, but the problem is, whether must be used for nuclear submarines to offend the way for China, the answer is clearly no, and Australia for nuclear submarine, say to want to maintain maritime security, and Australia’s most important waterway is maritime trade routes between the china-australia, because China is Australia’s largest trading partner,Australia doesn’t really need any nuclear submarines at all.Disclaimer: original content, picture material from the network, such as infringement, please contact to delete.For more, check out The Atomic City