Is Wuhan Light Industry University good?Always be noticed!

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These days, xiaobian see there is a student named Wang Yawen, because when he was 3 years old, he accidentally burned himself seriously and after countless operations, but still perseverance to enter the university and successfully boarded the Chutian Metropolis daily, and directly rushed to the hot search, has received extensive attention from all walks of life.Based on a certain curiosity, xiaobian focused on digging this girl with strong willpower, and finally found that she is now studying architecture in Wuhan Polytechnic University.So, what is the charm of Wuhan Polytechnic University that can make such a once confused student make great efforts, work hard, and choose it with firm faith?Don’t worry, next, please follow the pace of xiaobian, to see the exclusive story of Light Industry University.In the winter of school-enterprise cooperation, Wuhan University of Light Technology does not hibernate selectively. Instead, it always walks on the road of exploring more high-end cooperation with warm passion.Zhou Kang’s scientific research team from the School of Mathematics actively participated in the activity of “2021 Co-construction of Nanzhang, Experts and Professors nanzhang Travel” held by nanzhang County Party Committee and government, and confirmed the in-depth cooperation with Xiangyang Pastoral Live rice Industry at the meeting.At the same time, in order to support wuhan hot and dry noodle industry, the key Laboratory of Light Industry and Large Grain and Oil Intensive Processing of Ministry of Education, with the Key Laboratory of Agricultural Products Processing and Transformation of Hubei Province, Food Partners network, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other units jointly hosted the “third Seminar on Industrial Processing Technology of Chinese Dishes”.The holding of such a conference is not only a concrete manifestation of school-enterprise cooperation, but also one of the reasons why it is known by people.Serving the Society In fact, Hubei province can promote the development of selenium industry as a provincial-level strategy, and fully promote the rural revitalization strategy of se-rich areas, that is wuhan Light Industry University, which is located here and famous for selenium.The university, which has the only national r&d professional center of selenium-enriched agricultural products processing technology in China, is dedicated to the development of China’s selenium-enriched industry with technological innovation as the driving force, and finally won a round of applause from all walks of life.At the invitation of gold and silver lake street university community committee, the school, foreign languages institute teacher led 12 students actively participate in the “public class warm love left-behind children” volunteer service activities, brought a variety of colorful activities to tuition for left-behind children, this is the function of the colleges and universities to serve the society play acme okay!If we look at this problem from the perspective of students, then in the “just Get Together Jingchu · Yong To work before” College students in Hubei Province simulation job competition, won the second prize in Wuhan division, the province’s final winner Pan Junhui, a 2018 student from Wuhan Polytechnic University, must be the “top talent” that xiaobian must share.From the perspective of teachers, hou Yongqing and Liu Yulan, the leading talents of the National “Ten Thousand Talents Plan”, Xie Songhe, the national excellent teacher, Fan Zhengsen and Wu Lingying, the famous teachers of Hubei Province, are all legendary figures in this school.Over the years, they have not only proved their teaching strength, but also ensured the better development of the students.Of course, the above small series is just the “tip of the iceberg” of the comprehensive strength of Wuhan Polytechnic University. If the majority of candidates are interested in this school after reading the article, they may wish to explore it in person.Pay attention to “university information package”, get the latest and most timely news for the application!