Handan YARiS L to enjoy a car purchase discount of 8,000 yuan, welcome to the shop car appreciation

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# GaC Toyota off to a great start!Big luck in the Year of the Tiger!Zero down payment;Finance zero interest;Without the credit!Just waiting for you!# : So many gifts during the event!Waiting for you to pick it up!: diversified installment financial products for your choice, more 0 down payment financial policy!An ID card, loan seconds through!: The exhibition hall is regularly disinfected every day, the sales consultants wear masks, and the exhibition cars are disinfected frequently.: old customers transfer to buy cars to enjoy exquisite gifts or send basic maintenance!Free used car professional evaluation, send a beautiful gift package support online car, online appointment test drive, online appointment maintenance: ENJOY VIP test drive privileges, one to one sales consultant exclusive service.To the shop test drive to send a beautiful gift, limited to network customers.Address: Handan Fuxing District Lianfang West Road and west ring overpass intersection southeast corner of a new dynamic appearance, high value configuration, more type, more material!The whole series is equipped with standard reversing radar, tire pressure monitoring, high-efficiency powertrain of super intelligent CVT, body stability control system, intelligent fuel-saving start-stop system and other safety and energy saving equipment. It is committed to becoming the “choice of personality” and “choice of quality” for the first car of young people and young families.We look forward to your visit with our sincere price and excellent service.Promotion time: February 19, 2022 to February 20, 2022 YARiS L to enjoy the latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range handan quotation 1.5L CVT Leading PLUS version 87,800 yuan 80,800 yuan 77,800 yuan 1.5LCVT Deluxe PLUS Edition 93,800 yuan 80,800 yuan 85,800 yuan