What should we pay attention to when applying for a US visa after the us Consulate in China resumes?

2022-06-06 0 By

1. SEVIS fee must be paid before applying for student visa in person, otherwise it may not be possible to have a normal interview.3. Nucleic acid report and vaccination certificate are not required for the visa interview, but not for the interview.But follow the quarantine requirements of the cities where embassies and consulates are located.4. The Embassy in Beijing does not need to use mobile phone scanning. Other consulates are required to provide a health code and store the phone.5. It is recommended to know the epidemic prevention requirements of the consulate city in advance, as well as those of all your own cities, and make arrangements for your trip in advance.For tourist visa, travel itinerary can be prepared. Embassy officials have mentioned that it is recommended not to book in advance before obtaining the visa.