“Selected Poems of the Song Dynasty”

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What is life like anywhere?Should be like flying through the slush.Mud occasionally left fingers claw, hongfei that complex plan things.Old monk has died into a new tower, bad wall no reason to see the old problem.Remember the rough days?People on the road were sleepy, jian donkeys were hiss.Expresses the feeling of helplessness and nostalgia for the past.Old monk: refers to the idle monk.Jian (jiǎn) donkey: A donkey with weak legs.2. On the 20th day of the first lunar month, I went to Qiting, and three people from the county, Pan, Gu and Guo sent me to the Buddhist Courtyard in the east of the Queen’s city/Su Shi’s “17”, “93”, “135”, “139” and “270”.A little smell of ice valley flow, do put green without burn marks.A few acres of garden left me to live, half a bottle of liquor for your temperature.Guanshan Road today last year, the rain plum is dead.Describe various scenes in early spring, and in the narration of daily life, show the feelings of exiled friends.Qiting: In Macheng, Hubei province.Slightly: still “gradually”.Decision: flow appearance.3 and Dong Chuan farewell/Su Shi “139”, “270” coarse zeng wrapped career, belly poetry qi from China.With old ru cook bottle leaves, strong with the child with locust flowers.Sac empty do not do spring horse, eye disorderly line to see the car.Proud still kua secular, huang New wet words such as crow.This poem is su Shi dismissed from office Fengxiang signed to bianjing, passing through Chang ‘an and his friend Dong Chuan farewell.The next year, he presented this poem as an encouragement to Dong.Zeng (zēng) : General term for silk goods.Cloth: coarse linen.Wrap: experience.Career: a life course of circumstances.The abdomen has: the chest has, the simile study has.Book: originally refers to the book of Songs shangshu, generally refers to books.Wa: Rich and beautiful.Bottle gourd (hu) leaf: refers to a bitter day.Strong: resolute, determined.Locust flower: in tang Dynasty, locust flower fell to lift the time for the examination, so the imperial examination was “stepping locust flower”.Bag empty not to do: yu play because of poverty and old clog thirty years do not do easy things.Looking for spring horse: meng Jiao “spring breeze is proud of horse hoof disease”.Choosing husband car: The Tang Dynasty jinshi list, gongqing high car BMW to choose husband.Complacent: the spring breeze complacent, the yellow list in Italy.Secularity: social customs and practices.Imperial edict yellow: Imperial edict written on yellow paper.Letters like crow: the black letters of the imperial edict.Tang Dynasty, Lu tong, “Shitiding” “suddenly to the case to turn over ink, daub poetry book such as crow”.4 sick midstream Zu Ta Yuan/Su Shi “71”, “75”, “93”, “139”, “182” Purple Plum cucumber village road fragrance, black yarn white ge road cool clothes.Behind closed doors, the wild temple is rolling with pine shade, according to the sun.Because of illness idle special evil, peace of mind is more prescriptions.Taoist people don’t hesitate to use water before the table to borrow pao bottles to taste freely.Play zuta courtyard feel and do.Zuta Courtyard: Tiger Run Temple.Black yarn: this is the official hat, to the Tang dynasty has gradually popular among the people.Kudzu: cloth woven from kudzu fibers, commonly known as summer cloth.Wind house: airy room.Pao: Gourd tea ware.Mountains on the River by Su Shi 40, 74, 139, 270 The mountains on the boat were like horses, suddenly passing by hundreds of groups.Before the mountain cha teeth suddenly abnormal, after the ridge miscellaneous such as stampeded.Look up micro path oblique winding, there are high pedestrian miao.In the boat, he raised his hand and said, sailing south like a bird.From the Three Gorges.Suddenly: very quickly.Croucher (cha) : An uneven appearance.Ta: Clutter.Wang Fu Tai/Su Shi “40”, “270” mountain far stone pavilion, river back to the ship stone screen.The pity lasts as long as yesterday.The Yangtze River to the sea, have passed like duckweed.Who can sit out the mountain, see the cold shadow gao Lingping.The whole family visit zhongxian Wangfu tai see and feel.7. Jiuxianshan/Su Shi “75”, “93”, “139”, “270” romantic King Xie Guxian really, a hollow mountain five hundred spring.Jade room jin Tang yu Han shi, peach blossom flowing water loss qin people.Trapped sleep a bed of incense tent, dream around qianyan cold force body.In the middle of the night, the old monk called out to the guests, yunfeng lack of ice wheel.The poem describes the poet’s experience of traveling to jiuxian Mountain, staying in the boundless courtyard, feeling the vicissitudes of the world, and the joy of reading the beautiful scenery.Romantic King Xie: romantic prime Minister Xie an, eastern Jin Dynasty veteran Wang Dao.Han scholar: erect the clay statue of zuo Ci of eastern Han dynasty.9 second rhyme Wang Gong/Su Shi “161” “270” I drunk sleep you stop, has taught engaged in Qingzhou.Temples frost rao me three thousand zhang, poetry lose you one hundred chips.Smell the road lang Closed east pavilion, and let Lao Tzu on the south tower.Meet not busy home, butterfly also worry about tomorrow.Writing the Double Ninth Festival chrysanthemum appreciation, meaning chrysanthemum, butterfly, and through the autumn color to express the poet’s old and happy feelings.Qingzhou engaged: This idiom refers to good wine.The chief minister of Huan Wen of wei and Jin dynasties was good at distinguishing wine and called it “Qingzhou engaged in wine”. Because Qingzhou had Qi County, qi and navel had the same pronunciation, and good wine reached the navel.The secondary wine is called “pingyuan governor post” because there are pit vessels in Pingyuan county. Li li is similar to the phrenic sound. The wine can only reach between the chest and abdomen.Rao: Add.Poetry: The skill level of writing poetry.Chip: Grade.Lv Meng took a short tour of the county just before his first visit.Hu Dan with his father is a county (Hu Dan), lu was very thin.Lv said, ‘Lord Lu is a skilled poet.’Hu Wen poem epigrammatic, guest cited one, its zhang yun:’ Pick all cold lamp dream can not.’Hu laughed and said,’ It’s a thirsty ear.’When Lu heard this, he was filled with hatred and left.Next year, the first class a, so that people said to Hu: ‘Thirsty sleep han Zhuangyuan and yi.’Hu replied,’ If I take the second place next year, I will be better than you.’And the next list is also the first.”East Pavilion: ancient said prime minister incur, entertain guests place.Yu Tai-lieutenant (Liang) was in Wuchang on a clear autumn night. He sent officials Yin Hao and Wang Hu Zhi to the south Tower to explain their work.At the beginning of the tone, I heard a loud voice in the road. It must be Yu Gong.All sages want to avoid it.Gong Xu yun: ‘You live less, laozi here to revive not shallow’ because hu bed, and other people xu banter.Describe the literati gathering, chanting music;Or used to represent the moonlight scene.Don’t tell me I’m drunk, it’s wine.I’m told with your fox. Let me just take a break on the hu bed.Tomorrow: refers to the double Ninth Festival.Zheng Gu “October chrysanthemum” : the festival to bee sorrow butterfly do not know.9 zhang Ziye eighty-five years still heard bought concubine to tell ancient to make poems/Su Shi “270” Mr. Jin Li laugh crazy, mo bai nine feet of eyebrows cang.When the poet is old, the childe returns and yan Yan is busy.Under the column phase jun still have teeth, jiangnan ji shi has no intestine.Life error as an Chang guest, slightly dispatched Peng Xuan to the back hall.Jocular language satirizes Zhang xian old husband and little wife.Shugu: he was the governor of Hangzhou.Mr. Jinli: Refers to Mr. Zhang.Du Shi “South neighbor” “Mr. Jin Li black horn towel”.Poet sentence: with Zhang Sheng and Ying Ying dian, performance lingering love.Zhang Jianzu, governor of Xuzhou, and Guan Panpan lived alone in the Swallow House for more than ten years and died without food.One said Zhang Hu and concubine Yan Yan.Under the column: Zhang Cang was the imperial historian in the Qin Dynasty, who was in charge of the book under the column.Han for phase old without teeth to feed milk.The history of jiangnan prefecture: Liu Yuxi appointed the history of jiangnan prefecture to see Li Shen dance girl, Liu Shi “break the intestines of jiangnan prefecture”.Or refers to Hebei Shenze, Jiangzhou governor Zhang Youxin: “meaning not to official, but a beautiful wife, life is enough.”It means Zhang xian had a fling.Life error as an Chang guest, slightly dispatched Peng Xuan to the back hall: zhang Xian compared to the Western Han Dynasty Anchang Hou Zhang Yu, and to its disciple Peng Xuan since than, said he had no chance to see Zhang Xian gold house hidden charming eyes.When I first arrived in Huangzhou/Su Shi 65, 75, 40, 139, 270, I laughed that I was busy with my mouth and turned ridiculous when I was old.The Yangtze River around guo know the beauty of fish, good bamboo mountain feel bamboo shoot incense.By guests as well as cash outside, the poet for example water Cao Lang.Only shame without mending the slightest thing, still cost official pressure wine capsule.1080 wrote the first demoted official to Huangzhou feelings.Face the reality and go with it.Wordplay: Both guilty of speaking and writing poetry, and making a living.Guo: The outer city.Outside staff: officials outside the quota.Example: convention.Water Caolang: Lang officer under the Ministry of Water.Wine pouch: a cloth pouch used to press wine and leach.Song Dynasty official salaries part of the real object to offset, called fold.11. Lu Muzhong Temple cheng/Su Shi 93, 71, 75, 270 Gushan Temple water invasion door, every time to see the drunk ink mark.Chu phase is not dead talk and laugh, lang did not see the punishment.You first step dust mo, I also come to find mulberry date village.Looking back on the West Lake is really a dream, discouraged frost temples more Hugh theory.To show how much you miss your friend.Lv Mu: Grandson of Lv Meng zheng.Chu phase, lang allusion.To see the smart person who imitates you think of the family tutor, to see the same appearance is enough to comfort the love of acacia.Sun Shuao was about to die, and advised his son to accept the worst land, while Lv Meng was advising his son to accept nine petty officials.After The death of CAI Yong, Kong Rong and his counterpart Huben drank wine.Dust road: refers to the capital, purple road to the world of mortals.Mulberry date village: Michigan produce dates.Frustrated sentence: pei du poem “frustrated edge endure things, frost temples for the soldiers.”