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Once Beijing “the most expensive limit competitive housing” number one viewing quota is hard to find.There is no model room, 80 groups of viewing quota every day;Registration starts at 8 am on weekdays, and you can only make an appointment for the next day.To check the house purchase qualification of the house-keeper, he/she shall bring his/her ID card to house-watch.Rumor on the street, yongding mansion rob number of small procedures to 8 points no number, some people even shouted to use “industrial network, 7:50 squat, do not believe that can not grab (house quota)”, some people silently sigh “like Concorde expert as difficult to rob”.On February 25, Beijing Dongcheng district official announced by limited competitive housing “to total” after the Yongding house, will implement “the government holds the share of property rights for 20%, the first time people hold the share of property rights for 80%”.As one of the few new subway projects on Beijing’s Second Ring Road in recent years, Yongding Mansion has attracted a lot of attention on the Internet, with many residents expressing their purchase intentions and sales suggestions on the leadership message board.But unlike in the virtual world, yongding Mansion is low-key in real life.On February 22, Yongding Mansion continued to appear in the pre-sale permit notice on the official website of Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development under the low-key name of “Yongyou Jia Yuan”.According to the notice, the yongding house permitted sales area of about 50,000 square meters, building 1, building 2, building 3, building 4 are involved.On the afternoon of February 25, reporters came to the construction site of Yongding Mansion.Unlike the fanfare of other projects, the gray walls surrounding the Yongdingfu construction site are devoid of any signs advertising the property. Instead, a banner reads, “Beware of overturning,” and many nearby residents know nothing about the project.Site construction personnel are doing the foundation pit, has laid the building floor, excavators, cranes busy, transport vehicles back and forth.Yongdingfu project site every reporter Wang Jiafei photographer contacted an informed resident, he told reporters: “this is Yongdingfu, the construction has been on and off for many years, next Monday we have to negotiate with the site, too disturbing people.”Pre-sale permit notice shows that the developer of Yongding Mansion is Beijing Yongan Youtai Real estate Development Co., LTD., behind which are gorgeous developers Tiantuan Country Garden, China Resources, Merchants Shekou.The reason why Yongding Mansion is named as the “most expensive competitive house” in Beijing is that the project is close to the Temple of Heaven Park and only 15 minutes’ drive from Tiananmen Square. “The average sales price is not more than 89,000 yuan/square meter, and the highest sales price is not more than 93,500 yuan/square meter”.But compared with the surrounding projects, Yongding Mansion looks “cheap”.Tiantan Mansion, another high-end project with the Temple of Heaven as its selling point, has been sold at an average price of 122,000 yuan per square meter. Compared with the price limit of Yongding Mansion, it is simply “buy is earn”.”This project, can buy the Amitabha Buddha, so do not worry about the model room, there is no model room”, there is even once released to 300,000 help buyers to help the news of the house.As a result, the sale of Yongdingfu has been affecting potential home buyers, and the controversy surrounding the project has not stopped.And the project of “turning to the Communist Party” is also more like an act of public opinion.The land in Yongdingfu was sold as early as 2017, but it has not been put on the market, giving rise to many rumors.In November 2021, a citizen worried on the leadership message board: “The Yongding House limited competitive housing project has recently obtained a pre-sale certificate, and the project attracts high public attention.We hope that the government will set up reasonable purchase rules and give priority to residents without houses in Dongcheng District.”Because of the price and the upside down of the second-hand houses around, some people even directly suggested: “It is suggested that the limited competitive housing should be changed into joint property housing according to the policy.”On December 28, 2021, residents reported that the Yongding Mansion sales office was “suspected of false publicity”, after which the Dongcheng District Housing and Construction Commission interviewed the developer, the Yongding Mansion sales office was closed to the public.According to the Notice on Strengthening sales Management of Projects with Limited Housing Price No. 9 of The Beijing Construction Law (2018), if the ratio of the prescribed selling price to the appraised value is not higher than 85%, “the purchase by the municipal social security Housing Center will be converted into a jointly owned housing, and the purchaser will get the property share of the proportion of the sales limit price in the appraised value.The remaining proportion of property rights shall be converted into the share of government property rights held by the municipal security housing center.”On January 13, 2022, Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development officially announced that Yongdingfu was changed from restricted competitive housing to “commercial housing project with government-held property rights share”, and the share has been defined as 2:8 until now.On February 14, the Yongding Mansion sales office reopened, and a crowded booking system continues to this day.Although many tenants have been screened out, some are still worried that they won’t be able to buy one, Posting on the leadership message board:”For citizens who just need to live in their own homes, families without a house in Dongcheng district are the most urgent group in the project. Before, other district projects adopted the policy of giving priority to local residents. As the only restricted housing project in Dongcheng District, local residents were not given priority.Will a lottery be the next hot spot for a program that carries traffic genes from birth?Writing | Wang Jiafei edit | Chen Meng fung cover image: every reporter Wang Jiafei perturbation