Hate Valentine’s Day while serving ‘Love confections’

2022-06-06 0 By

All chocolate, rose dinner, gifts, movies, objectified love, rigid into a blind imitation of behavior.Privately, we hate this kind of festival, but as a public account of food, we have to provide a variety of “love desserts” to participate in the behavior of objectifying love.Yes, we have homemade chocolate, raw chocolate, vegan chocolate, bionic sticky rice cake, lava chocolate, rose mousse, rose macarons, and even roasted rose chips that can decorate any dessert and instantly feel like Valentine’s Day.Women are often disappointed, even though they are offered an abundance of love items at all price points.According to online myths, Valentine’s Day is the most popular day for couples to break up and fight.Objectified women always expect more expensive gifts;Independent-minded women need a deeper understanding, and the hard-to-guess cues aren’t as easy for men as the money.So, cash-strapped men, slow-witted men, too busy to be in one place or another, year after year, get stuck in the holiday season.In fact, love is everyone’s precious private enjoyment, good days vary from person to person.A piece of raw chocolate can be eaten at any time, as long as you make sure she really likes it.Issue 331 Baked Rose Petals, Issue 382 Homemade Zandoya, Issue 560 Coated Matcha Biocove, Issue 517 Basic Chocolate truffle, Issue 656 Vegan biocove, Issue 320 Litchi bergamot rose, Issue 619 Tiramisu Glutinous rice cake, Issue 518 Chocolate Lava Cake (Upgraded version)Issue 081 Rose Raspberry Macaron -END-