Chong Yi public security to find 2 lost elderly

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Chongyi police called the police for help on February 7 after a local resident surnamed Huang reported that his 85-year-old father, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, had left home at 15pm and had not returned yet.After receiving the alarm, guan Tian police station police quickly divided into two roads, all the way to organize the police force in the area of the village group launched a carpet search, all the way to release the missing notice to obtain clues.Because of the cold weather, the police braved the biting wind and freezing rain, the area of the village group one by one to search.Eight hours after the search, that is, the next morning at 3 a.m., the police received a call from the epidemic prevention and control officers on duty at the intersection of The Guantian expressway, saying that there was an old man on the intersection of the police immediately rushed to the scene.After arriving at the scene, the police confirmed that it was the old man Huang Mou Wei who was lost, and immediately took the old man to the stove to warm himself and handed over hot water.After a short rest, the police drove the old man back to Guantian Town shaxi village home.Huang mou saw his father safe, hanging heart finally put down, to the police took the trouble to find expressed heartfelt thanks.Similarly on February 8, a earlier, police received districts of the mass GanMou alarm again, said his mother a yoon even on February 7, 23 PM from the village of shaxi white gourd pit group home, leave has not, after police started looking again immediately, but half an hour, police in the nie Ao road edges are found a yoon, fortunately, some even unscathed, yoon police immediately to bring them home.The elderly due to memory decline and other factors, the situation of getting lost sometimes occurs, the elderly had better be accompanied by family members.● In order to prevent the elderly lost, family members can prepare information cards or devices with positioning functions for the elderly to carry.● If you find the elderly lost, immediately dial 110 to ask for help.Source: Chongyi Public Security bureau