Chengdu ant moving company service how

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It is not a very simple thing to move home smoothly in Chengdu, and there are many factors we need to consider.Not only to consider the price and the choice of Chengdu moving company is formal, but also to understand the quality of service of our choice of Chengdu moving company.Only a few factors taken into account, then our moving trip can be considered smooth peace of mind.Otherwise, they will get stuck because of all kinds of things.Listen to a lot of people around the ant move, so ants move the service exactly how?Today xiaobian will take you to find out.I hope the following content can help you choose to suitable for their own Chengdu moving company.1, customer service when moving users initially communicate with ants to move, the company’s customer service staff will be on the phone in detail to ask the specific situation of the items needed to move.For example: the number of handling items, size, whether it needs to be disassembled, whether there are fragile goods, out of the ground and moving into the ground is there an elevator and so on.If the scene situation is complicated, the company will send the relevant business personnel to the scene investigation.Finally, according to the actual situation of moving users to give a relatively reasonable and accurate price.2, movers when the service to determine the handling time, in the handling of the day, moving master will arrive on time or in advance of the handling scene, except for special circumstances.Even if they cannot arrive on time, they will communicate with users in advance and get their consent.In the field operation, moving master will put on uniform work clothes, like naked phenomenon is never appear.In the handling of items, are classified for handling, do light handle, will not cause any damage to the items, even if there is damage, will make the corresponding compensation in a timely manner.3, after-sales service when the completion of the operation, the company will call the user’s moving experience, to understand whether there is damage to the goods in the whole process of handling or where the user is not satisfied.The number of moving company in Chengdu is indeed a lot, but to fully implement the above three aspects of the moving company should still be very few.So when we choose a moving company, we can not simply look at the price, but to fully screen.