Miracle!China women’s soccer eliminated Japan to reach final: tied in 119 minutes, shoot-out KO favorite

2022-06-05 0 By

Beijing, Feb. 4 (Xinhua) — China won the Women’s Asian Cup semifinals 6-5 on aggregate in a penalty shootout after tying 2-2 in extra time with Wang Shuang injured and falling behind.China has advanced to the final and will compete with South Korea for the title.China is the most successful team at the Women’s Asian Cup, winning the tournament eight times, but the last time they reached the final was in 2008 and they are looking to return to the final for the first time in 14 years.The Japanese women’s soccer team won the Asian Cup twice last year and last year, and if they win this tournament, they will win it for the third time in a row.The Chinese women’s soccer team is currently ranked 19th in the world, while the Japanese team is 13th.Before this service game, The Chinese women’s football team also spread bad news, the core player sprained ankle without starting, the main defender Li Jiayue also sat on the bench.Japan dominated from the start but missed a number of chances.In the 19th minute, The Chinese women’s football team got a chance to counter attack, but Wu Chengshu shot was blocked.The Chinese women’s team held on, but conceded in the 26th minute when Riko Ueki headed home a cross from the side to put China 1-0 down.At half time, the Chinese women’s soccer team had only 25 percent possession and zero shots on target.Chinese women’s football team half time substitution, Shui Qingxia put on Zhang Rui and Xiao Yuyi, this substitution became a god substitution!Wu Chengshu equalized with a shot from Xiao Yuyi. China women’s football team tied the score 1-1 in a very passive situation.After the Chinese women’s football team is still very hard, Lou Jiahui injured by stretcher off, can be said to do their best.At the last minute of the regular time, Japan missed the goal, and China also had a chance to kill, Xiao Yuyi’s straight plug gave Tang a single shot, but the latter stopped.The two sides went into extra time.The Chinese women’s football team, which had only one shot on target in 90 minutes, continued to be passive in extra time when Japan hit the crossbar with a volley in the 96th minute.Riko Uechi headed twice in the 103rd minute, and the referee decided the goal stood after a long look at the VAR to put China 2-1 down.Wang Frost injury serious did not appear in the end, can only send water in the field.But the miracle came in the 119th minute!The Chinese women’s soccer team put all their eggs in one basket. Zhang Xin crosses the ball to the left of the penalty area. Wang Shanshan finishes the shot with her instep pad.2-2, it’s going to penalties!In the penalty shootout, Zhang Xin missed, but zhu Yu saved two of her subsequent shots to send China to the final!