2022 Main functions of Federation of Thai Industries

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1) To provide certification services, i.e. products of FTI members and entrepreneurs “Made in Thailand”, in order to enhance competitiveness and benefit from government procurement projects.2) Organize trade shows/expos and other events for clients to attend, sell products and explore trading partners and business networks to FTI members and entrepreneurs.3) Promote the use of e-commerce platforms, focusing on international standards, making it easier for entrepreneurs to enter.4) Create physical or virtual platform-business pairs on business connections.5) Develop a “one-stop service” center to provide FTI members with maximum benefits and knowledge accumulation to enhance business potential and network through business matching.2, 1) for the members of the FTI funding “fast-track” loan services, for the FTI and provide cooperation bridge between small and medium enterprise development bank 2) provide the investment privileges under the BOI and taxation advisory 3) provide financial consulting (such as loans and accounting) 3, FTI college using the latest technology to provide training courses, cooperation with academic institutions,Provide advice and curriculum development (upskill&reskill) 4, innovation 1) promote small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurship through the establishment of innovation funds, enabling members as well as enterprises to obtain deferred and deferred capital needed to expand commercialization.2) With government agencies, the private sector, and academic departments that apply innovations to FTI members.3) Develop the Industrial Internet of Things and data analysis Platform (IDA) for customers, find the best solution to save energy by promoting the IDA platform connected to the iot platform, big data for industry, and data analysis system for industrial devices to improve production efficiency.4) Develop a self-assessment plan to confirm the current status of Thai industry (from IR 1.0 to 4.0) and guidelines for developing Thai industry to Industry 4.0.5) Promote and incubate start-ups to create innovative works to serve the changing needs of Thai industry.1) Promote the construction of multi-mode logistics platform to improve efficiency and reduce logistics costs of FTI members through intelligent logistics, intelligent warehouse and backhaul matching platform.2) Encourage industrial entrepreneurs to upgrade their business by developing IT technology applications (e.g., industry) 4.0 and digital platforms.3) Provide data services for Thai industry.4) Organize training to improve operation efficiency.6. Environment 1) Focus on production, consumption and environmental protection services.2) Provide entrepreneurs with knowledge on the following topics: eco-factory and water footprint, and publish the equivalent certification of the Ministry of Industry Green Industry Level 4 (GI4) on eco-factory standards.Corporate social responsibility (CSR).3) Provide advice on energy, water and environmental protection.4) Develop the Bio-recycling Green Economy Model (BCG) model) to help Thailand’s industry, especially the business sector, act in accordance with the SUSTAINABLE Development Goals, with special attention to water resources and the environment.5) Promote ecological industrial towns.6) Support Thai industry in implementing the SUSTAINABLE Development Goals in accordance with this principle.7) Establish a self-certification system for factory operators.More: 2022 Federation of Thai Industries (Federation of Thai Industries) Main functions – Asia Trade exhibition website