Where is the dream desert highway, the border between Gansu and Mongolia, the foot of Helan Mountain, the drunken Beauty sand road

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I. Highway overview.Dream desert highway is located in China’s Gansu Minqin County and Inner Mongolia Alxa junction.It’s a no-man ‘s-land, sand-crossing road comparable to U.S. Route 66, about 200 kilometers long.Smooth black oil roads, towering sand mountains, quiet lakes, herds of cattle and sheep and vigorous camels.Two, nearby scenic spots.1. Alxa Heroes Association.The world’s large-scale off-road carnival, mainly for a variety of off-road events, held permanently in alxa League.In order to hold this activity, we specially built a theme park in the depths of the Tengger Desert, and committed ourselves to making the Alxa Heroes Fair a top auto cross-country event renowned at home and abroad.Moon Lake.Located in alxa Left Banner, Alxa League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, it is a natural lake in the Tengger Desert.Local herdsmen call it “Moon Lake” or “China Lake”, because the lake looks like a curved moon telling ancient stories quietly from the east, and looks like a map of China from the dunes in the west, with great momentum.Surfing in the Tengger Desert.What I’m looking forward to crossing the Dream Road is, of course, the SUV surfing.Only in the rolling hills of the desert and the roar of four-wheel-drive vehicles can you appreciate tengger’s wildness.Nearly 30 kilometers, continuous uphill, sudden stop, nearly 60 degrees of drop, here is the driver’s playground, only in this way to wear sand can let us feel at ease to experience the carefree desert surfing.Alxa Desert Tianchi.In alashan right Banner alatengaobao town, here between the desert and granite mountains, you will see the source of life inlaid in the golden sand sea like jasper, is a very rare desert barrier lake in the country.No mountain, no dew, side flame yellow sand, side qifeng steep, in the blue sky and white clouds, cold and bleak.5. Alien Valley.Here is a rare geological wonders, steep mountains, steep canyons, steep cliffs, jagged rock pillars, strange rocks, vast terrain, colorful color, this is the alien valley interstellar theme geological park, Mars Valley, Mercury Valley, Star Valley, Daliang iron and steel site scenic area of four parts.The landscape is lonely and scarce, majestic and magnificent, standing proudly in the world with unique endowment, bringing people a strong shock.Swan Lake.Countless quiet and quiet desert lakes are interspersed between the golden sand sea like the sky. The natural original ecological environment and the harmony and friendship between man and nature make proud swans stop for a rest during their long journey here, forming a whooper swan lake group covering more than 40 natural sand lakes.Three, extended reading, Alxa specialty.The specialties of Alxa are Alxa white cashmere goat, Alxa Suoyang, Alxa bactrian camel, Inner Mongolia deserticola, Alxa deserticola, Jilantai salt, Azuo Banner ghee, desert stone, agate stone, natural crystal and so on.If you want to know more about us, join us