Middle school students write a composition “Cheng Ge”, the teacher comments very to the point, but do not recommend students to imitate

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Composition is students from small to large to write the topic, at the beginning, the language expression ability of students is general, vocabulary is not rich, composition level is not satisfactory, but with the accumulation of practice and reading, students’ composition level is not only rising.Many Chinese teachers have suggested that students read some extracurricular books, to increase their knowledge and training language sense of writing, there are quite a few students put this sentence when guise, looks all sorts of novel and article, and sometimes put it introduced to the contents of the thesis, with well does the teacher give high marks, but sometimes make the teacher headache very much.Students write a composition “cheng elder brother”, the teacher evaluation is a lot of times, the purpose of language teachers are encouraged to read more books, because writing is accumulated by reading, but obviously quite a few students to learn from the meaning of the wrong, for example in a composition practice, asked the students to “I most familiar person” as the theme, set the topic,The student wrote a composition entitled brother Cheng.Those who are familiar with the novel know that the so-called Cheng Ge is a character in the novel, but in the student’s writing, he becomes a former classmate. In fact, the idea of the composition is good, but unfortunately, the student’s writing is not very good, and to those who are familiar with it, it seems more like a retelling of the plot of the novel.While for didn’t read the teacher evaluation is also the point, puts forward the character description is not fresh and full, and also is the novel composition, another high school students can write very well, not only had been approved by the teacher, also boarded the excellent anthologies, writes fluent at the same time, the novel also affect their write very well, although for some people,This kind of subject matter is marginal, but does not necessarily fail to have some positive influence on students’ writing.Students into the composition of the novel, the net friend don’t agree with into the composition of the novel, but for the majority of Internet users still don’t agree with, because now the threshold of the article writing is very low, anyone can write novels, and write out the content does not necessarily have a positive guidance to the student, such values are written into the composition, is very rare high marks.In addition, the world constructed in the novel and the history or common sense involved are sometimes not correct, especially some false historical content, it is easy to give students the wrong attempt to guide, let students believe the wrong or fabricated things, such compositions will only make teachers frown.Some students will also quote impressive sentences from novels. These sentences may sound beautiful or vivid, but students should also pay attention to the coherence of the context when quoting in the composition. If the composition has nothing to do with the quoted sentence, it will be very abrupt and stiff, and will not get high marks.How can middle school students get high marks in composition writing?Composition in the language examination score of less than not, students can write good grades composition, usually Chinese grades are not very few, because some subjective questions on the paper and usually requires the students’ ability of language expression, and in writing the composition, the students need to pay attention to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses in advance, especially the composition of demand, to avoid the content of the oneself is not good at,For example, if you are not good at argumentative writing, you should not write blindly in the pursuit of brilliance. It is easy to get a low grade, and you should also pay attention to the correct use of punctuation marks, such as the quotation or subtitle of several Spaces, etc., if used correctly, of course, it is a bonus, but careless use will cause the teacher to reduce marks.Want to get high marks, but also should pay attention to an age-old question, that is the beginning and end, in the process of marking, few teachers will have the patience to word for watching, is usually to see end points in the beginning, so end the wonderful degree must be able to catch the teacher’s eye, don’t start that exposed the writing less her shortcomings.Followed by the handwriting, reading when the teacher in grade composition is usually combined with three, begin ending and handwriting, begin ending wonderful will make good scores, the teacher gives the handwriting is attracting teachers continue to see a bright spot, and even plus points, mentioned above, of course, this is based on student writing well, and want to exercise writing ability,Only by reading more, accumulating more, and practicing more can we do this.Conclusion:Students now like to run this kind of novel really many, also has a lot of students because of love so embodied in their composition, but suggest the students hide love in psychology, don’t make fun of your test scores, because such examinations have a lot of Chinese in subjective factors, if the teacher would like high marks, but if the teacher think values orientation is wrong,Are likely to low grade, here we don’t debate this kind of novels of right or wrong, just from the student’s test scores, or suggest students rational treatment, if the writing ability is good, can reference brilliantly, can reference from the novel sentences appropriately, but if the writing is yet to be, or not to blind imitation,You are responsible for your grades and your studies as a student.The above pictures are from the Internet.