Hard work for “Anyang Blue” air pollution prevention and control to hand over “report card”

2022-06-04 0 By

Zhuhai air quality has improved the province first, the national ninth anyang reporters Chang Xiuming, ecological environment bulletin 2021 national ambient air quality, air quality in 168 key cities, the city ranked fourth, withdrew from the last one in the country, turned the city air quality comprehensive index backward passive situation in the country for many years,It reflects the determination of our city to win the battle against environmental pollution and the hard efforts of the whole city.Last year, the improvement of air quality in Zhuhai ranked first in the province and ninth in China.The air pollution prevention and control “six first” : PM2.5, PM10, SO2 and composite index decreased by 21.0%, 14.4%, 30.8% and 15.4% respectively, the improvement rate is the first in the province, the reduction of heavy pollution days is the first in the province, the number of good days is 220 days, an increase of 39 days, the increase of the number of days is the first in the province.In recent years, under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thought, The city has constantly overcome unfavorable factors such as heavy industrial structure and poor geographical conditions. With the strength of the city and the wisdom of the whole people, the city has promoted scientific, legal and precise pollution control, and adopted a series of measures to continuously improve the environmental air quality of the city.The CPC Central Committee and the Municipal government sorted out 49 work items, set up 15 special teams for key work, implemented the working mechanism of special teams to promote the work, and introduced the assessment method for the weekly ranking of air quality in autumn and winter and the quantitative accountability method for key work, so as to strengthen the assessment and accountability, spread pressure, and form a resultant force.The prevention and control of air pollution and the improvement of ambient air quality have been regarded as major livelihood projects in The city. The city has adhered to green and low-carbon development, strengthened coordination and efficiency of pollution reduction and carbon reduction, and realized continuous improvement of air quality.Structural adjustment was strengthened, and all 162 polluting enterprises in the zones were relocated or closed down.We accelerated the integration of steel production capacity, eliminated 4.3 meters of coke ovens and shut down one million tons of coking capacity.A total of 958,000 households will be replaced, and the plain will be cleared of loose coal.The implementation of “heat into safety”, datang power plant 2 units stand-by in place.Six special railway lines were built, and a freight train from Rizhao to Anyang on wazen-Japan Railway was officially put into operation.It has successfully established a national demonstration city for green freight distribution.We will strengthen industrial emission reduction, strictly enforce law enforcement and oversight of the ecological environment, and investigate and prosecute illegal discharge of pollutants in accordance with the law.Strengthen the synergistic management of VOCs and NOx in key industries.More than 8,800 industrial pollution control projects have been completed, and emissions have been cut by 58%. 19 enterprises, accounting for 37% of the province, have achieved A performance rating.Strictly control the pollution of mobile sources, implement the odd-even license plate restriction of urban motor vehicles, implement the free passage of transit vehicles around the city expressway, prohibit the trucks of national iv and below to pass through urban areas.We will strengthen control of non-point source pollution, strictly implement the “six hundred percent” dustproof measures at construction sites, and strengthen the assessment and management of road cleaning based on the principle of “eliminating pollution”.We will strictly enforce a ban on fireworks in all regions and at all times.We will carry out precise research and judgment on a daily basis, actively respond to heavy pollution, and implement differentiated management and control to ensure that air quality continues to improve.