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Zuoze has rich experience in planning, design and construction, and can provide customers nationwide with brand planning, operation and management, ecological and sustainable development, integrated design and construction integration services.Business scope covering architecture, landscape, interior, ZhanChen, planning, and other fields, has a hotel profits, office real experts, landscape experts, adjuvant, ze ze household optimization, the magician, ZhanChen commercial real estate space planning experts, education and sports designers, cosmetic display space design, soft outfit 10 + SI, VI visual art space design products.Mr. Guo Yuhong, chairman of Sasse Group, has repeatedly emphasized that “design must be a friendly design”. Sasse Group also pays close attention to bamboo industry, a green industry recognized worldwide.In 2019, Zuoze Group established Fujian Qizhuli Furniture Co., LTD., which is committed to the product development, application and sales of bamboo culture and art space. With the creative wisdom of global designers, it takes design as the driving force, products as the support and sales as the base, and comprehensively creates three-dimensional bamboo tea space, bamboo lodging space and bamboo hotel space.Now seven bamboo in furniture already got through line line double drainage channel.The three official flagship online stores — qizhuli Home Furnishing Enterprise Store, Qizhuli Tea And Residence Furniture and Qizhuli Living Home, as well as Tiktok Enterprise — Qizhuli Furniture, promote products by using the new sales model of “Internet + short video + live broadcast”.Offline furniture exhibition hall displays most of the furniture products, from the material, shape, meaning, more intuitive feeling qizhuli furniture products.In 2020, Zuoze Group will open a new territory and set up Fujian Yuqiao Trading Co., LTD. Under the leadership of the group, Yuqiao has become a business platform dedicated to doing a good job of sharing goods, and each product is mined with the most rigorous attitude to optimize the quality of good goods.At present, Yuqiao has successfully won the general agent dealer of Nine Siam In Fujian province, and will expand the tea, wine and other categories to share more good things in the future.In addition, Yuqiao is a platform for joint wealth creation, resource integration, resource matching, training and support more people to realize the dream of entrepreneurship, wealth creation.After reaching cooperation with Jiusiam, yuqiao Jiusiam Business School was established to cultivate talent reserve.Create nine Siam wine mall mini program, better management and service dealers.As the leader of the group, Mr. Guo Yuhong has mentioned the concept of “people-oriented” on many occasions.In the process of zoze’s management, the concept of humanization also runs through all the time.Among them, people refer to both external partners and internal employees of the enterprise, focusing on the actual needs of people to achieve the purpose of common benefit of the enterprise and people.In the process of development, Zuoze Group has always been summing up experience, advancing with The Times, constantly improving themselves while driving each other, forming a strong common force.Continuous development, with our sincerity to achieve our common vision, the pursuit of excellence and bold innovation will never stop!