24 flavors of Sichuan cuisine in one minute

2022-06-04 0 By

Over the years, numerous Sichuan restaurants have taken root and sprouted all over the country and even the world.In order to quickly stand firm, most of these sichuan restaurants have launched spicy sichuan cuisine.Over time, many people have formed a fixed impression of Sichuan cuisine as “spicy and spicy”.In fact, spicy is only a flavor type of Sichuan cuisine, and can not completely represent all Sichuan cuisine.If divided by flavor type, only 30% of Sichuan cuisine is spicy, and the rest 70% is non-spicy.Orthodox Sichuan cuisine emphasizes “one dish, one grid, one hundred dishes and one hundred tastes”.There are 24 common flavor types in Sichuan cuisine, which can be divided into three directions: spicy, spicy, salty, fresh, sour and sweet.The spicy taste can be subdivided into 12 flavors, such as spicy taste, red oil taste, hu hu spicy taste, sour and spicy taste, pepper numbing taste, homely taste, lychee spicy taste, fish flavor, tangerine peel taste, strange taste and so on.In addition to fish flavor, tangerine peel and strange flavor, it is a combination of salty, sweet, sour, spicy, fresh and fragrant. Other flavors are mainly spicy and supplemented by other flavors.The spicy and salt-umy-sweet-sour flavors, on the other hand, have almost no spiciness, with ginger juice and wasabi having a light pungency.Notes briefly introduce the characteristics of each flavor type and representative dishes.