Yang Muqing: Bai Wen about the Qin Culture and history

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Yang Muqing: Ideas about Qin Culture and history Baiqin culture and history of the war years and a large number of underground relics discovered, making people infinite reverie, a thousand feelings.The culture and history of the Great Qin Empire is truly stunning!Sir, I was born in the eastern part of the National defense area of the Qin People in The Gansu Plateau. The historical Records · Xia Benji · Qin Benji · Qin Shihuang Benji, known as “the last song of historians”, let people know the features of the Qin Dynasty.”Daqin Empire” and “Legend of Mi Yue” for people to leave many qin people’s culture broken drama and historical fragments, and let more people know the rugged, honest, simple, vast, heavy, looking forward to the beauty of the yellow land!Because in order to give me the painting and calligraphy nutrient content into more cultural and historical elements, in the hope of a cultural heritage and the thickness of history, that others think Mr… not a treasures outside its, artist, or a workman sheep’s clothing, the dim consciousness in one’s early years on the traditional culture of classical dabble in urging a thing or two.Later, in addition to the “teacher” inculcation and by a number of “bright teacher” no trouble to guide, in the “tour of the province” on the cultural things more time.Later, with the wisdom of “Guoxue” research and cultural inheritance, also have awakened me more than 20 years ago first involved in the “human ancient culture” memory, fortunately!An idle youth is a needy old.The gentleman is cautious at the beginning, the sage keeps the commandment;When the gentleman is waiting, the sage takes advantage of the opportunity, all of which are profound and profound. However, Sir, I am an ordinary person, and do as I wish. I am careful to keep my precepts at the beginning, always like an inscription, and it doesn’t matter if I have a little sadness.There are shidu in the west of Beijing, many years ago when I first heard this place name, I had a different feeling.Ten crossing ten crossing, ten living beings can cross?Master doesn’t know!However, wuxuqiu met the opportunity, the re-study of human ancient culture is in shidu here a head.When I put forward to build a world-class “paradise” Chinese painting and calligraphy art, entertaining, let the whole world, mankind has an update on the Chinese excellent culture, deeper, farther, higher learning, and rethink to spreading the culture of the Chinese excellent culture self-confidence development power, Chinese culture development venation pattern of 1 + 5, modern civilization and cultural origins from human ancient,Hoping to integrate the commonality of eastern and western cultures and make ancient culture alive and sustainable, I also put forward that Pangu is the common ancestor of human culture, the seed of human culture and civilization, and the total source of all myths and cultural legends in today’s “Homo sapiens world”.Flintman is the originator of human ancient culture and civilization.Fuxi, Nuwa, Jiutian Xuannu, Chao, Xiwangmu to Shennong, Yan Emperor, Chi you, Xuanyuan Yellow Emperor are not only the creators of ancient Chinese culture and civilization, but also the promoters of human ancient culture, as well as the important founders and influencers of world civilization.I call Mr Said: one point eight square, out of the kunlun mountains, from the beginning, god created place comb up and down one hundred years of human ancient culture as the original, lineage back to train of thought, combining multidisciplinary cross research results, to “scientific empirical + XuanLing thinking is the basic method of cognition of ancient culture” as the theoretical points, writing sets, wide and mission.I write words do not seek to hear in the princes, do not plan the title of the glory and jin, only one heart, cultivate the world, morning to night is enough, line of things, devoted to art, Revere culture, infect ink, respect the sages!This man, this life alive, like plants, a night can do how much calculate how much, if written text can be big wisdom take one action, a teacher walker PinWu can be just a little, beneficial to the development of human culture, is good for the needs of the world civilization, and useful history of thought, good tenacity of the Chinese nation, is good for the Chinese bloodline, Mr Is not waste of my mind.If you think this is a game of words or strange talk, then let it go, or if there is a laugh, laugh it!With the deepening of human ancient culture research, as well as the continuous emergence and analysis of field archaeology, literature, scholars’ theories and other information, FOR “Qin culture and history” I think: Qin and Xia at the same time or earlier yao era, to the end of Qin should be as long as 2500 years.Qin people originated in the north of the Kunlun Mountains. The qiang people, descendants of the Flintmen, spread all over the upper reaches of the Yellow River and the Yangtze River. Later, they not only unified China, but also left Kunlun in the west for reasons of war and entered the Mediterranean coast, where they merged with the local indigenous people and formed the Ancient Roman Empire.That is why the ancient Romans were called “Daqin people” in the Western Han Dynasty.In the Period of Xia Dynasty, Qin already had the ability to build cities and had the qualification of “kingdom”. It had a relatively high cultural civilization. After making great efforts in the period of Xia, Shang and Early Zhou, it never stopped sorting out and inheriting the excellent culture and history of its predecessors.The People of The Qin dynasty invented various forms of development that were beneficial to the “Qin Kingdom”, including writing, sacrificial rites, royal system, customs, bronze ware manufacturing and technology, as well as residence, royal cities, tombs, military vehicles, water conservancy and so on.Especially the large number of modern discoveries of Qin characters and bronzes force us to re-date, re-explore the origin and re-reflect on qin culture and history.However, according to the “official history” records: Qin people’s earliest ancestors are the sixth sun Bo Yi (also known as Bo Yi, before?- 1973 BC), was awarded the “Ying family name” for his meritorious service in helping Yu flood control, and betrowed a woman named yao.From the birth of the Xia Dynasty to the destruction of the Great Qin Empire by the Liu Bang Dynasty of the Western Han Dynasty in August 206 BC, qin existed for more than 1700 years, nearly a thousand years less than my calculation.There is a question in the university.Qin calendar, Xia, Shang, Zhou, but don’t forget, Zhou is the king of later xing, and in the Spring and Autumn Period, Confucius founded Confucianism is to worship zhou Ritual for respect, worship Zhou Gong as a model, worship Yao, shun and Yu as a model.Notice that in the Annals of Five Emperors, which is three or four hundred years earlier than the Records of the Grand Historian, it says: “Xi Yao de was in decline, and shun was a prisoner.Shun captured Yao in Pingyang and took the throne.Shun released Yao in Pingyang.”Think about it, why did Confucius never mention this?Why didn’t the later Confucian classics record this?Most of the “official history” we see, read and learn today was modified or even tampered with by “Han Scholars” who pursued the sovereignty of the Han Dynasty.In addition, xiang Yu, the overlord of the Western Chu state, burned the Xianyang Qin Palace, and I don’t know how many ancient books were burned before the Qin Dynasty. What a man-made disaster!So now hunan, Gansu, Shaanxi and other places unearthed involving “Qin” text, jade, bronze objects, so that many experts and scholars are dumbstruck, the text is difficult to identify the interpretation, even do not understand;The dating of objects is difficult to be clear, and even the phenomenon of gibberish appears.Sir I said true: the root of culture cannot be broken, ancestral root of the soul can’t disorderly, culture need to slowly study, history need to slowly restore, research at a draught, reduction, history will have to rewrite, rewrite, of course, it is not realistic, and other people or other aspects are extremely reluctant to see and to do one thing.Daofa natural, conform to history, perverse will inevitably bring disaster to the common people.Influenced by some thoughts of thought in modern times, the new historiography circles cut off, shortened and abandoned the history of Chinese culture and civilization for at least 30,000 years on the grounds of “the classics are the most important”, “invisible”, “undiscovered”, “unscientific” and “myths and strange things”, and there are a lot of compression, truncation and shrinkage of Qin culture and history.At that time, perhaps Mr. Sun’s culture and history classes were not ready, or he was eager to promote new ideas, or to unite all the forces of the Chinese people as soon as possible…And so on, so “the father of the nation” to have “The founding of China five thousand years, Shenzhou regulus since ancient times, create the south-pointing car, pacify Chiyou chaos, world civilization, only I first.”Said, in order to cause the “Chinese civilization up and down five thousand years” become today’s fixed crystal, refreshing into the hearts of one hundred years can not go.However, the ancient great chairman MAO borrowed “Ming rap phrases” into the poem “since Pangu opened the world, three sovereigns and five emperors arrived in today” shows the Chinese culture and civilization of profound origin and everlasting!Nowadays my country about the ten thousands of professor of experts and scholars, some opinion and published by browsing the release of some discussion topics, really understand why few, may be the reason for the thought structure, or consciousness of problem, or understanding of the human world and to explore the problem of method, or the study of human culture and history is not satisfactory.At the end of the Han Dynasty, people have not known the ancient tadpole characters from Confucius’ old house by Lu’s King Liu Yu due to the demolition of the wall…The ancient pre-Qin writing, culture and history had been weakened or simplified, so it was in the Upper Han Dynasty that dong Zhongshu, Liu Xin, Dai Sheng, Xu Shen, Meng Xi, He Xiu, Ma Rong, Zheng Xuan and other scholars of modern literature appeared in the big hat of The Sage of Confucius to make moral principles.Chinese characters are living fossils, and Chinese pictographs and ancient graphic symbols are living culture and history.In fact, Qin used two systems of writing.One is worshipping heaven and earth, zongmiao and bronze wares and other heavy zhoushu with “jinwen shu”, namely xuanyuan yellow Emperor period left over “Cang Jie shu”, is now think in shang and Zhou period only appeared big zhuan writing system.Second, the normal routine documents used “Qin Lishu”, that is, the unearthed “Li Ye Qin Jian” and so on, the use of proficiency in this writing system, is definitely not formed in a very short time.According to study of, at that time ordinary laboured people (li zhoushu) is have no writing, also do not have the power of use writing, especially “jin zhoushu” can’t use more, li zhoushu can only mouth mouth mouth, continuation of blood.If the larger clan or with royal relatives, with national history of the family can use the “national emblem” pictorial symbols to show their own, that is, the inheritance of totem culture.For example, oracle bones could only be used by the Shang Dynasty in charge of recording, sacrifice, divination “zhen”, the “zhen” and the “ding” of ritual vessels, and the “zi” of the heaven and earth branch, and the “GUI” of the sundial measurement, and the “open” of the door, and so on.Why can’t ordinary people use writing?Because this is since the “emperor” (should be the yellow Emperor) era made the “jedi day tong” reason.After that, it can be said that “emperor” with the supreme power cut off Fu Xi’s real intention of “opening the sky with a painting” for more than ten thousand years — “writing tomorrow, knowing nature, showing pictures and pictures to educate the world, educating people and enlightening their minds so as not to forget the blood of ancestors!From the perspective of historical reality, every time a dynasty changes, it is necessary to carry out a new culture and carry out a great reform, and then there can be a new historical accumulation and a new atmosphere of state administration. Only reform can strengthen the country, without reform can only be a backwater.Oracle bone script is only the common writing of Shang tribe or Shang dynasty, borrowed and continued from xia script, but also has its own special ideographic provisions and new inventions.It seems that the Japanese borrowed Chinese characters to make Japanese language is the same reason!Xia zhoushu is like Qinjin zhoushu plus ancient tadpole text type of writing, namely Cangjie writing system.To believe that yu Xia to the Spring and Autumn and warring States period, around the big tribes, big ethnic groups (kingdom) have their own characters or symbols, xia xia writing, Qin Qin writing, Shang Shang writing, Zhou Zhou writing, Chu Chu writing, Qi Qi writing……Therefore, qin Shi Huang had great wisdom and determination to unify the writing system, because he understood why the Zhou Dynasty could be in chaos, the flames of war continued, the Li people suffered, one of the most important reason is that there was a big problem in the writing culture, the world (countries) could not form a “cultural consensus”!Xiao zhuan is not the main character of Qin dynasty, xiao zhuan is only a flash in the pan.Qin is jin zhoushu and Qin lishu, now unearthed jade, bronze wares and Qin Jian shu are the best evidences, and these characters have special use method and ideographic method, not one word to express the meaning of one word, but one word to express many meanings.For example, the character “Qin”, seen from the shape of oracle bone script and jinwen dazhuan, has grain, soldiers, rope, and has the meaning of heaven, worship and competition, it not only expresses the people’s livelihood of crops, but also expresses the military state and astronomical nature, which is due to the principle of the ancient characters strokes.The “Rule of six Books” summarized by the Han dynasty should give corresponding reconsideration to the ancient characters of the pre-Qin period, otherwise the ancient characters cannot be read and interpreted correctly, and it is improper to measure the wisdom of the ancients with modern rulers.According to the “official history”, Qin Shihuang (259 BC — 210 BC) lived to be 49 years old, ascended the throne at the age of 13, and worked for 36 years.The Great Qin Empire lasted 15 years from its unification in 221 BC to its collapse in 206 BC.Now comes the more important question:That is to say, at the time of the environment, Qin Liguo 15 years, emperor qin shi huang in just 36 years is done later incomparable work and things, and is gone in big things, is affecting the process of world oversized things — that the six nations huaxia clan unity, repair the Great Wall in the fight against the huns, xiu qin straight, Epang Palace, Qin Gong chamber, the Terra Cotta Warriors mausoleum,They opened canals and built water conservancy projects, toured the east and south to see And worship Mount Tai, set up prefectures and counties, unified the writing system and weights and measures, and produced exquisite bronze handicrafts that could not be matched in the past dynasties…Wait, please, new history experts, have you thought it through?How much material, financial and human resources does it take for the First Emperor of qin to do such a great job and the state of Qin to accomplish so many great things in just 15 years?At that time, how many troops and trains and people can give labor ah?In my humble opinion, such a big project of national economy and people’s livelihood and such a big task of state administration could not have been accomplished without thousands of years of cultural accumulation and abundant resources, troops and labor.The cultural history of The Great Qin Empire should not be from king Ping of Zhou (771 BC) to duke Xiang of Qin (?- 766 BC) was a vassal state, at least from the early Shang Dynasty, and even from the middle and late Xia Dynasty, that is, the Yellow River and the upper Reaches of the Yangtze River before the birth of the oracle bones on the middle Yellow River.In recent decades, writings of the Qin Dynasty, jade, bronze techniques and terracotta army camps have been unearthed all over the country, forcing people to rethink and doubt the “official history”.When we explore the qin culture and history again, we suddenly understand a lot of problems, not qin Shi Huang’s problem, nor the problem of the Great Qin Empire, is the future generations of Qin culture and history may have misjudged, or some indescribable astray!– Yang Muqing in Jinghua on December 29, 2018.