Two women were sentenced separately for providing bank cards to help transfer the stolen money

2022-06-03 0 By

Recently, The Xihu District People’s Court of Nanchang city, Jiangxi Province, concluded a case of concealing and concealing criminal income according to law, and the court sentenced the defendant Lin mou to fixed-term imprisonment of one year and two months and fined RMB 10,000 yuan;The defendant zhang mou fixed – term imprisonment of eight months, also fined RMB 8000 yuan.After the trial, it was found that Lin and Zhang knew that others might rent their bank cards to help online gambling platform transfer, but they still went to several banks in Nanchang city for bank cards on May 3, 2021.The next day, Lin and Zhang came to a hotel in Nanchang city, and handed over their 4 bank cards and personal wechat accounts and Alipay accounts to the line for use, and assisted the line to transfer the proceeds of the crime by brushing their faces at the scene.After investigation, Lin mou provided four bank cards accumulated 179,215.35 yuan, which has been verified to help network fraud criminals transfer fraud income 119,295 yuan;Four bank cards provided by Zhang totaled 191,221 yuan, among which 37,348 yuan has been verified to help network fraud criminals transfer the proceeds of fraud.After the two people have been summoned by the public security organs to the case, to the case after taking the initiative to hand over personal illegal income 800 yuan.The court believes that the defendant Lin mou, Zhang Mou committed to cover up, conceal the crime of the offence.The two defendants have surrendered, confessed, accomplice, return stolen goods and other sentencing circumstances, according to the law to make the above judgment.